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Budgeting for the Holidays – The EASY way!

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Budgeting for the holidays does NOT have to be complicated nor daunting! Here is the easy way to budget for Christmas (or other Holidays)!

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Melissa M. Vidanueva says:

Is it so bad to give money instead of items for Christmas? What is your idea? For adults

sarah lantto says:

Awesome comment about saving for “time off” – I’m a teacher and that is totally what I need to do!!! 😊

Brandy Siegmund says:

So I have a question. For like you have a food budget for the month a hundred dollars per person do you have a budget like that for Christmas gifts?

Anna Casanovas says:

Super helpful budgeting tips! Thank you so much! I need to watch your other budgeting videos . Merry Christmas!🎄

Smaraki Samantaroy says:

Hi Jordan! How are you changing YouTube settings for COPPA for these videos which are meant for adults but have children visible in the footage?

Abigail Soliz says:

This year we’re thinking of going secret Santa for the 12 in our family, just picking one person, they write down something under $25 they want, something under $50 they want, and something under $100 they want & we decide which to get them!

The Jemgirl Channel says:

I absolutely love your budgeting tips and I set out some similar basics for my Christmas budget and feel so happy that I've learnt well from you over the years. You are such an inspiration and your advice is real and works!

Alexis Aboard says:

I know many will say it’s unlikely to work, but if you do use the cash envelope system you can always write your name and phone number under the flap so there’s a better chance it comes back to you!

Raising The Cassady's says:


Crystal Cafe says:

My husband and I don’t budget necessarily but we start to buy Christmas presents really early in the year. It’s now November 14th and we are just waiting for the last 3 to arrive. We have for kids, 3 boys and 1 girl. Ages 12, 10, 8 and 17months. We have spend about $100 on each child.

Sun Maid Prunes says:

❤️ it! ❤️ it ! ❤️ it!

Bailey Kraft says:

Hey Jordan! Do you budget down to the penny or round everything up to the nearest dollar? For instance if the ham was 29.90 do you budget that it was 30?

Lindsay Gough says:

Jordan, don't forget to put that preroll ad on your videos to maximize your profits for these videos and your free tips.

Kim T says:

Yep, the holidays are so challenging. For the first time ever, we are into gift cards to cut down on the "stuff" that comes with Christmas. This way you have the card during the year when you really need an item to help you get whatever. Plus, our gifts are becoming to some might seem boring, but for us more essential. Last year I was on this kick when a neighbor's house caught on fire. For Christmas, I gave everyone fire extinguishers. Glamorous, no. Practical, yes. I was like check your fire extinguishers to see how old they are, put this one in a special place. Yes, I got some interesting looks for this, but it's true.

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