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Budget Travel – Xiaxue’s Guide To Life: EP156

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Xiaxue and special guest QiuQiu show you how to get the non-budget experience on a budget! Brought to you by AirAsia.

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feroocha dam says:

I am reliving this after watched Wendy's talking about QQ in Yas TV?

Elaine Lim says:

Watch this in 2016 I miss them tgt

sharing.my. life says:

I love it when you speak mandarin,love your video.

Lim Li Li Li says:

Lol they marked Korea wrongly they marked it in Russia

jenna leong says:

lol they have matching outfit (kinda)

HeyItzYaya says:

….Ayyooo 45 ringgit for a clutch?! ??? so expensive leh!

Diana V says:

How tall is Qui Qui

Ruby Garcia says:

Who's Xiaxue

Arianne16 B says:

Like it everyone

Zarith Ssofea says:

I am from malaysia

Nageswara Rao V Seanam says:

No offence but I like singapores airport better

Pro Paija says:


Keira & Dhruv Pancholi says:

are you on first class?

MIkaylaDIY says:

4:32 Gong Cha

Peach Meee says:

qq is like so much taller den xx like wat…

KittyKurma says:

I am ??

KittyKurma says:


Roy Lim says:

I went to go

GamerBen1012 Production says:

I swear is was at KL because im on holiday

AyeItssJackie says:

Qiuqiu is so twll

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