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Budget Travel Tips to Save Real Money While Traveling

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Traveling can be expensive, but there are ways to save money while you travel so you can afford to travel longer. Whether you are traveling the world on a budget or just want to see if you can save a few dollars or euros on your family vacation, these are 14 different ways to help you save money while you travel. And it can help you find a way to travel on a budget.
Filmed in London, England
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dewald steyn says:

Have been watching your videos for a few years and love your tips for our own travels. But why don’t you visit Africa? Here in South Africa you can have an amazing holiday for very little money. Best budget tip in my opinion is go to countries that are great value for money.

eveningcooking says:

really great advice

TheLanciaFan says:

Are you coming to Argentina this year? Cheers!

docvideo93 says:

9:25 If you do travel, check to see if your travels take you NEAR a international border, but you have no plans to enter that country. I worked a site near the Canadian border and we had people getting notifications that they had entered Canada despite them being 5 miles from the line.

Amanda Tessmer says:

It's like the Leaning Tower of Pisa behind you. lol

Brian Shull says:

How about Germany on a budget for solo travelers???

coolalvin2 says:

Most carriers have a data and calling/text plan per day when you travel( Ie $10 a day)

Richard Dybowski says:

Never book any package holidays. Use skyscanner to get the cheapest flights then compare hotels and apartments on airbnb, booking.com and trivago. I always book apartments now on all my trips, they are generally cheaper and you get things like a kitchen and living room. If hiring a car, don't buy the full insurance it's a RIP off. Unless you are a terrible driver.

Sylvia Black says:

Β£20 to go into St. Paul's and Westminster Abbey. RIP OFF

Marina Uzunova says:

Awesome tips! Thank you πŸ™‚

Chris94 _NOR says:

Going to the USA for the first time later this year. Thank you Mark for you very awesome travel tips videos πŸ˜€

Anthony Kernich says:

Supermarkets are the budget traveller's godsend. Costs probably 1/10 the price of a restaurant and you don't have to tip.

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