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Budget Travel FAQs Answered ($ Saving Tips)

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I’m finally sharing a chatty video about traveling on a budget! Want to hear about something specific?

How to find cheap flights: 2:34
Buses/trains: 6:07
Accomodation: 7:23
General tips: 11:28

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no makeup- I left most of it in Paris by mistake ;(

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Maria Mendoza says:

Hi! Can I use the Airbnb code even if I already have an Airbnb account and never used it?

All Around Jay says:

Awesome vid!

Maximilian Petite says:


Jermaine Harper says:

Are you still looking for apartments while traveling for when you go back to the states? Or how are you guys gonna do that?

Les Poitras says:

Nice video ! πŸ˜„

Irena Hojsak says:

this came just at a right time bc i want to book a flight to berlin in semptember
do you think i could get away with 900€ for two people for a week?

Abisola Dolapo says:

COME TO NIGERIA!! That’s where Im from and I would love to expose you and Avery to the culture

Rowan Jenner says:

Would the $40 off air bnb discount work if I'm paying in Β£'s rather that dollars do you know? Also, if you're doing a lot of moving around in one month or less it may be worth getting an interail pass in Europe to make trains cheaper!

Jason Waterfield says:

how did you edit this? and I just saw this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eH4Txsh3fY

Kiera Lucash says:

This video has me so excited about traveling to France at the end of the month!

Alba says:

Kailee, do you use a data plan when you're traveling?πŸ’•

LivingLikeLex says:

Have you tried Kayak.com?

Lidia Migowska says:

very informative video, can't wait until I can actually use this these tips haha
love from Poland, hope you like it here!

Stephanie K says:

I love you sooo much , Kailee. Stay smiling and keep up the wonderful work with everything as always!πŸ€—πŸ’•

Cathal Reilly says:


Cathal Reilly says:


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