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Budget Hotel Room $6 Per Night and $15 — Pattaya, Thailand Soi Chaiyapoon

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Today I visited two hotel rooms on So Chaiyapoon. One was 200 baht per night or $6 and the other was 500 baht or $15. The first place it was full so she couldn’t so me a room. A friend of mine stayed there for a month once, they actually have one room that is 100 baht per night $3, but it is like a closet with no windows and only a fan. The other 200 baht rooms aren’t much nicer but it is very cheap if you need somewhere to stay for a few days.

The next place was next door and they had rooms 500 baht per night. The rooms were quite big and had all of the amenities you would expect, cable tv, wifi and even a big community kitchen you can cook in. Also you are in a central location in Pattaya. I think their monthly price was very expensive, a room like that shouldn’t be more than 5 or 6k baht per month.


Paradise Travel says:

Most of these rooms on Soi Chaiyapoon you can't book online because they are small guesthouses so just come here and rent if you want to stay here.

Charles Bronsen says:

Awesome mister. This is what I like. Showing pigeons like me how to get throug in the uncomfortable zone of life. (Sorry my english). Love Marcel

TheFRTCG says:

how can you trust a hotel for your valuables ? are the safes really safe ? thanks

Understand Ok says:

All people dont like take vdo. Look like no gentleman.

Yahya Yaacob.Yahya says:

Kurang memuaskan
Sekejap ada sekejap
Tak ada

Howard Neely says:

I stay in various rooms in Pattaya, I love the simple style there, tiled floors, a bit run down, it's all good.

Mainul's Video says:

can I bring girl?

joseph hansen says:

Yeah thats were they rob u in the n8ght listen cheap dosnt mean safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

v7vv says:

Actually you’re just another stupid fucking American you think everything it’s good/ do you know you are just lucky because you are speak English/stupid country stupid President/Lazy fucking people.

Ömer Tan says:

Very cheap. I buy this hotel completly

Dan0101010101010 says:

You can get the girsl to come into your room and give you a thai massage

Davo the first says:

not worth 12k baht per month !


what is the name of this hotel??

bengalibadass says:

$6 for the room and How much for the girl?

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