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Large Planet. Small Budget. Authentic Travel.

Budget Backpacker is a web series/internet based traveling show that gives travelers with small budgets affordable options for making their next traveling adventure a reality. Our target audience is students and young people (ages 16-26 or everyone who wants a challenge) who long to experience new cultures and adventures but have little to no money.

The world has so much to offer a young traveler from stunning scenic spots to local culinary masterpieces. Everything you could ever want is out there, things you never could have imagined you’d see or experience. You just have to want to experience it.

This is the Pilot episode.



Alison Scott says:

Most genuine travel backpacking video. You live like a local. You tried how filipinos live their lives. I like it, that you are different from other tourists, who just try beautiful beaches here. I like it that you tried living how Filipino lives and know their culture.

Amper Buscato says:

That was fun!

I shall return says:

Lol! Everyone stop working and no crimes at this time.

Annie Moscosa says:

It's amazing how you've done all these things when a Filipino myself have not ??

Perry Perry says:

hey there , if you ever wanna visit philippines one more time , check out Visayas mainly Iloilo my hometown 🙂 would be a lot cheaper than Manila and lots of beaches , most of the time for free :)

Ez21 says:

big respect for you sir!!! and Big LIKE!! ty for upload!

Louie M says:

great vid mate!

Boy Pazaway says:

Thank for visiting our country mate…Awesome video and very informative.Your right pal, be a local than a tourist.You'll enjoy and save more.

Jhoanna Ann says:

The best philippines tour i have seen on youtube. It really reflects what you will experience being here. Like living with the natives. Thumbs up!

Randee Villaester says:

i am so happy you awesomely enjoyed yourself – you bloody looked liked you had a lotta fun YAY!!!!

fel drexian nalzaro says:

hi?? MR.BUDGETBACKPACKER .. can you please help me .. what is the SOLIPSISM,ONTOLOGY, and PHENOMONOLOGY here in video ?????

chris manama says:

Comeback to Philippines!

Ryan Wheeler says:

Thank you for your video i enjoyed it. I hear a lot about the warnings in manila when using public transport and getting taxis, theft, kidnapping etc. Can you comment on any of this? Is there cheaper options to getting to borocay ?

Freddie Domingo says:

nice video man the balut part made my day

Dalia Lourenço (Getting Close to) says:

You are terrific! I love your videos. Make more.

Jeo Orcullo says:

great video handsome ♥

Retired in Samar says:

Nice video. Just sent a prospective Philippines BP'er the link to this vid.

Angeles Floyd says:


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