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Black Friday Travel Deals: Save on Hotels and Flights

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C hantelle says:

Southwest promo code was not recognized.

West _ says:

Good stuff man. This is really going to help me decide where to shop

Davish Lamburnt says:

The southwest international offer sound good.

Dylan 873 says:

Hey Sebby ever used topcashback? I use them the most and have never had any problems. One thing I like about them is there is no minimum redemption rate, you can even redeem as little as 10 cents as I did last week.

Christopher Pisano says:

Sebby, you’re the man.

thejokerspeaks says:

$300 Samsung S7 from Walmart, using the Discover portal. Del Taco has crazy Cyber Monday deals, usually 8 free combo meals, with the purchase of $100 giftcard.

skykid2000 says:

Sebby, can you do a video on the Premium Car Rental Protection by American Express? How is this different than the primary car rental insurance by Chase Sapphire Preferred? Is the Premium Car Rental protection worth the $15-$17 dollars per rental? I am debating to cancel the Chase Sapphire because of the annual fee and just use a no annual fee AMEX card to rent cars. Your thoughts?

HP97user says:

For an additional $5, you can get a wifi plug with the Amazon Dot (totaling $35)

Alejandro Vasquez says:

I can't seem to find the Marriott offer. When I put in dates for those times it does not show anything for $89.

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