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We didn’t hold anything back in this RV tour – showing you each and every step of our RV and explaining how we’ve turned this recreational vehicle into our full time home!

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Madisyn Maynard says:

My dads parents take me, my sister and 3 cousins camping every year. We go to a new place every year in a travel trailer and it’s an adventure when there is 7 of us.

Allie Marie says:

I want to live in this RV. Even 2 couples could live comfortably there and go on an extended trip. Would be great for me and my sister.

Monica G. Davis says:

Love 💗 your RV!!!!

Why_Forgotten_Pizza says:

I love your lifestyle. I was wondering because this is the first video I have watched, but did you adopt? That is so wonderful!!

H-Town Tasha says:

What y'all do about sweet ants

Johnny Bloggs says:

Ok. German looking Mom. Slightly different & hen-pecked husband. And chinese kids. lmao Some of you white folks are trippin'

Woah gaming says:

They look asian the kids

GrahamFamBam says:

You should do an oil collection video!

Talese Chang says:

Omg I love ur tiny houes

Reese Hoerner says:

That’s not a rv it’s a camper a rv is a camper you can drive

TD Gaming says:

anyone just clicked on this after watching a vid in bed

Angel Hughes says:

Nice As a trucker this would be awesome to travel in! Not with 9 kids though! Bless ya hearts!!

Casey Giroux says:

Who gives you permission to homeschool? I have homeschooled for the past 5 years but the town we lived in before we hit the road refused us and even called child protective services because we don't live there anymore and consider us homeless!

Mimi Liu says:

What about your kids education? I doubt you home school them. They have to learn something according to the law. Like if you want to know too!!!

lily g says:



Cindy Houser says:

I am getting ready to do the same thing with our family…. And can't wait ….

Liee Bieebs says:

I wish I was part of this family

Ray Lmn says:

And all the people complaining about privacy, take that privacy and shove it. I had all the privacy in the world as a kid. A single kid and I would give anything to have been able to experience something like this.

anthony nunez says:

The kid on the sofa and Elijah at cute asf

Dumbojumbo C says:

This is the best channel ever and I subscribed can’t wait for next video

Kacey Maguire says:

Dunno how I’m here…. but… now I wanna get a rv 😂😂

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