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Best Travel Credit Card Deals April 2018 | Top 5 Sign Up Bonuses

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Check out the top 5 travel credit card deals for April of 2018!

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Miranda Slaght says:

Thanks for the vid! I think it would be great to do a video about what card may be best for someone who travels less often and has less income (read: broke college student). 🙂

Misraim Cano says:

Going to get the chase ink…thx

Abel Roman says:

Excellent choices. Thanks for the info!

Chippy says:

Awesome content! Cant wait to watch more videos from you 🙂

Robert Taylor says:

The next card I'm applying for is the City premiere but I won't be under 6/6 until May so hopefully the sign up bonus is still available at that point. Ultimately I aim to product change it into a Prestige so depending on how the sign-up bonuses look for either card I may end up getting the prestige in May instead, but I sort of hope that the premier is still a viable at the time because I think it should be easier to get approved for.

My last approval was around March 12th I was approved for the Citi AA platinum card and I was able to even have the 60k bonus at that time, even though it appeared to be a thing of the past already.

Lance Meyer says:

Love the beginning of the month to see what cards are on your list.

Tee Priest says:

Hmm very interesting.

Joel Martinez says:

What's best card to use at the moment with plastiq to pay for mortgage .

Justin Link says:

Thanks, good video. Nice to see a quick, concise list like this.

World Walker says:

I would also add that the barclay aviator card is worth it too. 50k for one purchase? Great

Tien Do says:

Do you prefer using IHG card on IHG properties or using the CSR card? IHG card does get 5x but I also value the 3pts from CSR. Thoughts?

Stan Lee says:

Nice. I haven't ever seen someone pull together so many great deals in one video.

Eduardo Castillo says:

nice work on the channel, i just get approved for the amex delta gold. the only confusing part its how redeem the points. any video for that? thank you.

Rebecca Goglia says:

Good video! It's very helpful to have a monthly, timely recap on the best cards to get! Thanks!

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