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Best Island Hopping in Coron, Palawan Philippines (Family Travel Vlog 2019)

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We couldn’t wait to get to Coron in the Philippines! Coron has some of the most gorgeous sights in the world. We have seen so many pictures and videos on youtube and Instagram that it was a must see! Our family absolutley loves snorkeling and turquoise beaches and Coron delivered beyond our expectations. We got a private boat tour and visited a bunch islands including Siete Pecados Marine park, Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoons and Calachuchi Beach. It was AMAAAAZZZING!!!!
Before we went on the boat tour our guide Eric took us to the outdoor market to stock up on some food for lunch. This market was so fun to walk through. As we were leaving the market there were 2 pigs that had arrived for you know what! The kids were wondering what the pigs were doing there so we had to explain the process of where bacon comes from lol
We absolutley loved the guy that floated up next to us selling chips and snacks while on the boat- it was perfect timing since we were getting hungry again. We love exploring the neighborhoods in the Philippines and meeting the locals, it makes our experience there so much more authentic than just doing the touristy things. You must check out Coron!!!!

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DPeepz FAM says:

Check this out!! New travel video. Coron palawan philippines,


betacrest10 says:

They end up as dried fish. I liked the dried squid variety.

raztadog says:

traveling in a new place alone is a great challenge but you guys are traveling as a family – that is one hell of a challenge. but watching your vlogs, i guess it is all worth it! 🙂 oh by the way, the house you are referring to are houses of Tagbanuas (local ethnic tribe in coron)

Gael Crane says:

I’m an adult but those poor, very scared pigs almost made me cry!

Micco Rodriguez says:

Support kavlog here ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

Heinz Henry says:

I am loving this fam! A fam vlogger in here.

Freena Noelle Pepit says:

I bet your kids are gonna have some awesome memories that they would treasure forever!! That's my childhood dream..to be able to travel around beaches. I love your vlogs!!!!!

al somore says:

Gatorade lake

Byral_Vhoyz says:

Nice!! We also went there last March! It was so awesome experience! I also uploaded it in my channel. Check it out if you have time. Thanks😊

madino chhuon says:

I really really love ur video . Anyway what boat tour did you buy ( company’s name ) ?

The Lawless Family says:

Omg I’m new to your Channel😍 kids are so cute😍

Ann Saludes says:

Wow! Just wow

dominoedqa says:

What a family bonding going to different exotic sceneries of the Philippines. Thanks for visiting and exposing these beautiful islands
to the whole world through your fantastic videos.

Inday Bote says:

i love your family ..its like im with you all the time ..you take me where you go💙💙💙💙

DRIFT says:

Great great video guys your amazing!!!😉😉

David Monster says:

beautifull sweet peopel :D:D hh big fake, philipines peoples have two face … fake

Liza Nomura says:

The small fish drying on the sun they put a little salt and whe its completely dry we fry it with a little amount of salad oil with slow fire

TrueLocal Philippines says:

Best of the best places! You might want to check this out?

http://bit.ly/2J4Lypn for more tours and ideas about PH.

Patrick McGee says:

Fried sardines and rice. Tinapa

dho lagman says:

new friend here! 🙂 enjoy philippines!

feyt says:

Amazing family…❤❤❤
Thank you for loving philippines🌞

tanya de guzman says:

wow amazing place. this beautiful family were lucky to see all those real avatar scenery

Noldar Ocledas says:

Awesome Family Vlogger hope your kids will cherish the moment they visited the Philippines.

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