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We truly had an amazing family holiday in Kenya with so many exciting things we experienced. Enjoy!
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ThePltsweet says:

Still one of my favourite Youtube channels.

Kimberly Harvey says:

Hello, Adanna and David thank you for sharing all the sites and sounds of Nairobi Kenya it has been fantastic to view this African country. I have one question Adanna for medics abroad is this your new direction since you have had the baby Noah. I only ask as I deployed to Afghanistan in the military so last I remember you were pregnant ; and I remember you were applying for a surgical resident spot . That was the last time I was able to view.? So know I am back and trying to keep up on where you are now professional in your career if I may ask? Just trying to follow along Thank you.

Mary Williams says:

For Medics Abroad:


jacklyn enn says:

Have always liked how Noah is so quiet and calm most of the time, saw why today…he sucks his thumb. It was lovely seeing all the work you are doing, be blessed

charlotte says:

Love the work you do with Medics Abroad. Saw the Instagram shot of David/Kian with the snake and I was like ; oh hell no. Brave man David.

SheVlogsHerLife_Su says:

What a nice Zoo.
Nairobi is nice.

Folake Akintoye says:

I love your videos.

we wee says:

Please give us the song credits, I love love the music!

Kiprotich Toroitich says:

the hotel is an upgrade true, but the weather is a horrible downgrade. sun and sand for me. i wish i lived in malindi

Kefilwe Gabalebatse says:

So proud of you..ur guys .kisses to Kian n Noah😘😘😘😘

Cecilia Romero says:

OOOOH No David I Was So Excited Watching This Vlog
When You Said Snake.Iam
So Very Afraid Of Them.I Can Not Watch.Please No
More Iam Traumatized.Seriously.

Cecilia Romero says:

Adanna I Look Forward To All Of Your Family Vlogs.
Seeing The Beautiful Places You Dream Of Going To
See The Mother Land.

capatga says:

ThE kenyan children are beautiful.

Hawa Edith says:

Love u guys

Mignoliacdf says:

Beautiful videoπŸ‘Œ

florence kasiva says:

I really enjoyed this vlog i kianπŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Ariane says:

What's that song they always play? I love it and can't find it!

Goretti Ohadiugha says:

Always beautiful watching this amazing family ❀❀✌

Booda Baby says:

Im trying to win my fiance a wedding, we are 50 views away from the #1 spot..please view and share the video. I will thank anyone back and also subscribe/like their videos.

shemnj says:

Karibu Kenya tena na tena KEKEKE

Herine Achieng Aries says:

Its exciting and amazing seeing my city on your Chanel am still hoping to bump into you during one of your visits,seriously why was i not at the Hub or malindi when you were here????? Kian is such a sweetheart and Noah awwww sweetest, i refuse to visit that snake park and viola you bring it to me right at home nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Adanna looks fresh

jj Dee says:

Someone tell me the name of the song at 2:15

star nyeleti starlilia says:

May God bless the work of your hands Adanna, and the Medics abroad team….may it go far. Your family is so loving and beautiful.

Charmaine Williams says:

I really do admire u guys. Really mature n motivating but so sad n disappointed to hear u say human evolve n started in Africa. Smh

Chuck D. says:

You guys are sooo adorable! You’re my favorite YouTube family!

Anne Noel says:

I love love love the vlogs, thank you for inspiring us all Adanna. Kian is just wowww and Noah is πŸ’™ and of course David is a great hub/dad

Lotty Chipadze says:

Kian is our African boy ..love his energy and the way he was pushing the trolley with food at the end and the way he was interacting with people bless you guys love your vlog

Althea Bush says:

I love seeing you guys together. The boys are special guys. Dr. Adanna you are such a beautiful soul, David the father you are I wish for every πŸ§’. You guys was a match made by our father.

authenticgirlcorner says:

Great visiting Kenya, when you choose to come to Uganda. You will have even more fun.

Tracy Wanjiku says:

Model family. Live, love , career 😍😍😍😍

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