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Best Cheap Vacation with KIDS – MSC Seaside Cruise Review

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This is my honest review of my cruise on the MSC Seaside. I love cruise ships, and i’m really excited to share my cruise ship experience with all of you. Cruises are the Cheapest Vacation for a Family, and the very best vacation with kids!!!

music: “Club Seamus” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


mike heid says:

So i have heard a lot of bad reviews on this ship saying that all the entertainment was opera is this not true?

shireen jamhour says:

Do you know if they still have the non alcoholic drink vouchers ? I'm also traveling with kids in June of this year with M.S.C and i dont see that option…. i visited the M.S.C website i have to buy the drink package for each person in the cabin for 203.00 .

Steve Lanzillotta says:

Great review Grant. What was your take on the culture clash between American and European cruisers spoken of freqently by other MSC reviewers?

Jan Owbridge says:

After watching another review which said this is not for Americans nd rated it as the worst of 43 cruises they had taken, it was so good to hear from an American that you loved it. I love the fact that you expected an Italian cruise line to be – well – Italian. Could be your review was a year later than theirs? We love MSC (haven't done the Seaside but just returned from Divina) and agree with everythig you said!

Keosha Byers says:

Awesome review I'm going on seaside in 9 days! It's great to have so much for everyone to do!

Richard Deason says:

I hook on msc..

You did job on this video

Richard Deason says:

I love msc….I was on the seaside last year…I am going msc again in October….and 2020 Europe..we did the other ship in 2018…I am fan of msc

Barris Hawkins says:

Thanks for this review! This is the best review that I’ve seen on this ship. I’ve watched other reviews of this ship and came to the conclusion that this ship isn’t for me but after watching your review I might consider taking my family.

Gittan 55 says:

Wow I was on the same cruise as you and on the same time! You can se mee with the pink t-shirt at the far right corner at 7.00!

Erica Abbott says:

Wow, awesome review!!!

L Levine says:

can anyone give me information about the msc fantastica experience? I also had a few questions about the ship if anyone could answer them

mike chernok says:

Great Review, Thank You!

L Levine says:

do you know if the gelato is free in the bella experience

John Hill says:

What a great cruise review. I really appreciated the information about kids. Maybe someday I will take my four children and a MSC cruise. Thank you so much!

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