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Best Cheap Hotel in Tokyo

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Hello Everyone!
I visited Japan and came back with some footage of things I thought would be useful for all of you travelers!
Spent 10 days looking for the best affordable hotels all over the internet.
This place was one of the better places I stayed in Japan for the price-point.
Hotel: Nishi-shinjuku.
Price: ~$100 – $110 (cheaper thanks to the weaker yen at the moment, back in the day this place was probably more expensive for us USD travelers)

Rating scale was:
-Bed — Not crumby and too hard
-Washer in room! I didn’t use it, but what hotel even does this?!
-Location — close to train station, not too loud. Not the best but handy.
-Bathroom (I love bathrooms. A lot)

Of course, it’s Japan so make sure to get the largest bed possible. Double tends to be the biggest.
ALSO, make sure to go non-smoking as the option.


Bojan Milojevic says:

100$ a day ?

Tony Kart Racer says:

Hey, you're kinda cute! 🙂

Jay T says:

I'm going to Japan this September I booked here (same location) thanks for your advice,  also live in SF

Vimontra Satporn says:

Love your video. thanks

Leo Benjamin Lopez says:


Chris Combo says:

Are you still in Japan? Let's meet up sometime

Tokyo Warfare says:

the only seriously crazy is the washing machine.

Super Saiyan 3 says:

how many guys did you bring back?

souq in says:

hi how much monthly and weekely charges

Ririe Ranggasari says:

hi, Im planning to book here. how far is the walk to Hilton Tokyo Hotel? Icm planning to take the limo bus to/from Haneda. thanks!

TR Astria says:

i stayed in JR kyushu blossom Shinjuku and it was awesome, this hotel could be next option for my next visit (hope so) ^^

yannie sky says:

I really like the way you talk… so cute and friendly..

Batotit Oftwotree says:

stupid memory foam, lol

Henry Oliveros says:

hi , the hotel reception can speak english ? 😀 thanks

Chen89 Gof says:

How much it cost?

kamiaussie says:

how much you pay per day?

Javed Akhtar Arain says:

How much they charge for a night …??

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