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Before leaving for family holiday! | Vivy Yusof

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Every year we take the kids on a holiday (even though they don’t remember πŸ™„) and we have a blast together! But first things first, gotta settle all things work before I go. We had back to back events for this past few weeks and I’ve been exhausted! #eyebagsasbigasacountry

What I wore to INNAI:
Scarf: https://www.fashionvalet.com/brands/394/duck
Top and pants: https://www.fashionvalet.com/brands/1054/neelofa-x-fashionvalet
Eyelashes: https://www.fashionvalet.com/brands/1039/more-lashes
Lips: https://www.fashionvalet.com/matte-decisions-lip-cream-in-warm-emily.html mixed with https://www.fashionvalet.com/matte-decisions-lip-cream-in-snazzy-stella.html

What I wore to SyedFaizal:
Scarf: https://www.fashionvalet.com/brands/394/duck
Top and pants: https://www.fashionvalet.com/brands/1054/neelofa-x-fashionvalet
Makeup: https://www.fashionvalet.com/brands/1007/syedfaizalbeauty

What I wore to hurr.tv event:
Scarf: https://www.fashionvalet.com/brands/394/duck
Jacket: https://www.fashionvalet.com/brands/832/schmiley-mo

What I wore to the airport
Scarf: https://www.fashionvalet.com/brands/394/duck
Matching sweats: https://www.fashionvalet.com/brands/1031/iamhomegrown

Shop more at FashionValet: https://www.fashionvalet.com/


Solehah Shamsuddin says:

Congrats on your anugerah, sis 😘

Mia says:

Soooo want a family:’)

Syazwani Hanif says:

Make house tour video or closet tour?

Farahin Nabella says:

the last part of mariam and daniel packing their things they are sooo cute & I just can't. I hope to see more about them (just about them) #onlymariamanddaniel #sorrynotsorry

Tieha Hisham says:

Vivy, your make up has improved a lott and you look so beautiful . Really a #bossgirl. Thanks for being such a good inspiration to others. <3

λ””λ‹ˆ says:

Vivy please make up room tour

Anis Shafikah says:

Mariam is so funny! She'll grow up just like you vivy. An intelligent and funny β€οΈπŸ’πŸ»

Syafiqah Sulaiman says:

Dear Vivvy, can you give the color code for your scarf during the Neelofa's Launching event? And maybe you can include the color code of your scarf and your lipsticks in the future? Thank you πŸ™‚

Little Winter says:

Is that the tessel round bag?

mediocricity says:

More of Daniel and Mariam please!!

Nurzaireen Ahmad says:

Love your kids😍😍😍 please I want moreeeee

yuki. bananaa says:

Shes such a hard working woman and never forget about her family at the same time! Vivy is my inspiration!

Anis Sofea says:

Please make ur house tour…really want to see ur house

Adeeda Amalina says:

mariam is soooooo cute and cheeky at the same time πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Neesa 9413 says:

Nice ending!! Mariam’s penties . Hahahahahahahha

si penulis says:

You always on makeup, may know how did you solat? Did you removed all your makeup and apply it back? (Especially those fake lashes)

E-Qa AteyQa says:


Hanan Zainzn says:

I'm so gonna get innai group bajus for raya next year 😭😭😍

afiqah norza says:

i heard kiwi by harry styles played at fashionvalet😍 #harriestanalert

ig itsdly says:

i dont know why i dh excited tunggu new vlog dari you.

Najwa Nurfatihah Binti Nazri says:

omg how you pack all of your stuff!! video on that please

qwertyx says:

u can use tripod to hold your camera (a lot of youtubers use it) so tht it won't fall and much easier for u to hold it😊 hopefully u see this comment

Evonne Tan says:

Vivy Vivy All Ladies "role model" πŸ˜‡ good to work hard and stay fabulous like u.

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