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Barbie LOL Family Summer Vacation – Baby Goldie Lost On an Island

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Barbie mommy and LOL Baby goldie go on a summer vacation in the barbie plane. Baby Goldie has a dream that they are stranded on a desserted island and she gets Disney Moana Doll to help them! Baby Goldie has a great imagination! She wakes up and realizes its all a dream! The lol family travel routine in the Barbie hawaiian hotel is so much fun. They lol family has a toy hotel room with a pool. Tey order waffles for their morning routine and even go play in the aquarium.

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Titi Toys and Dolls says:

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Esther Nanziri says:

Yes and I’m really 😔🤧🤧 and a little scared🤥🤫🤫🤫

Andrea Benfield says:

wow thats the best

Alesha Smith says:

Where is goodies dad

Mourad Joulak says:


Camila Soto says:

Cool vid titi tois andols

Allan Merry says:

I live in England I am 8

Allan Merry says:

Titi can you make mean as if baby be friends with Goldie

Alex Exiga says:

Hi I am your biggest fan

anzieee X says:

Give Goldie a dad

Emmie Woo Whitlock says:

Titi you should make an episode when Barbie explains we’re baby’s come from to goldie

sheliyah reid says:

I wish goldie was in a lol surprise

sheliyah reid says:


sheliyah reid says:

I love titi

Ada Vindel says:


Itz_ Emily says:

Titi one question nobody really ask you is who is Goldie’s dad??🤨

yayi orlina says:

g.glh 4kf v 0

•Strxwbërrì_ Mîlkywąy• says:

I love this TiTi I love This goldie series goldie was from roblox and The pink hair girl is You from roblox i love it Titi!!

The Talking Cow says:

check out our Summertime Fun song for your next vacation vlog…thx!

ameena adel says:

❤️I lovet, ♥️

Amanda Aragon says:

I love your videos Titi

Colby Garcia says:

Hawaii cause I know

Tyron chau and Ayleen som says:

Love you titi Goldie was brave I love you

P Sangtam Edward says:

Please do Goldie daddy

Ahmed Chlaida says:

Umm I guessed Hawaii soo does this count

Sofia Espino says:

I love her Goldie videos

Analiza Fowler says:

Can you make a 24 hour video with barbie and her sisters and they stay in the newest barbie camper I have it and it is so much fun

Mike Pesto says:

When little goldei was dreaming

Lina Adel says:

Goldie saved the day hooray!!!! I loved this video!!

Fllip W says:


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