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Barbie Doll LOL Rapunzel Family Check in The Worst Rated Hotel – Travel Routine!

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Barbie Rapunzel mommy goes on a road trip! it summer break and they are ready for some family quality time Flynn gets tired driving and they decide to get some rest! The only hotel around is rated one star! They decide to check in anyway! What kind of surprises will they find inside? in this funny lol family travel routine video for kids!

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Titi Toys and Dolls says:

Hey Guys! This was a highly requested video!
Hope you enjoy it 😂 💖
What would you like to see next??

토이츄 ToyChu Barbie TV says:

Surprise Rapunzel is really cute
Prince Rapunzel is also cool.

glenford raspado says:

You make the most awesome doll vids keep up with the awsome work titi love you

vickZtoys says:

Cool video. 👍

Play Toys Club says:

Another great video! 💖👏🏻

Leslie Crawford says:

I am a new subscriber✌

Daisy Does says:

Please may you do that hotel but someone takes over and makes it the best hotel again 😘

Cathrine the Crystal ,mini gamer says:

Yay…I like this video….and this is awsome….always your big fan…titi 😀

Pastel kc Channel says:

I watched this and im eating cheetos when i saw the guy eating one lol

Evie Fashion says:

Yay I love this video and you too and that guy that booked them into the room is funny

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