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Backpacking India In 45 Days – Travel Documentary

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In this travel documentary we take a wild and rough journey through India while just having a backpack. We start our journey through beautiful back waters of Kerala and go north as the summer heat catches on. We explore the ancient sites of Hampi, jump on India’s Train and much more. This journey consists of highs like beautiful landscape of Rishikesh and lows like getting food sick in India and Racism in India.

Down below are time stamps to help you navigate though the documentary.

Trivandrum, Kerala – 00:47 , Alappuzha, Kerala – 03:42 , Kochi, Kerala – 05:36 , Goa – 13:10 , Hampi – 16:00 , Hyderabad – 26:04 , Kolkata, West Bengal – 30:11 , Darjeeling, West Bengal – 33:39 , Varanasi Uttar Pradesh – 38:11, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand – 43:25 , Racism In India – 54:42 , Jaipur, Rajasthan – 58:18 , Agra, Uttar Pradesh – 01:05:05 , Delhi – 01:07:28

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Gear used :
Sony a6300 , Rode VMGO , Sony 18-105 and more

Credits :
Graphics – www.freepik.com
Music – http://bit.ly/2PEs37i (All credits are compressed in this doc file)

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

a film by : Mo Alamin

P.S – When I visited Kerala gods own country it was very beautiful with great people specially in Kochi but right now Kerala is suffering from one of the worst floods in its history. Please donate to kerala flood 2018 – https://donation.cmdrf.kerala.gov.in/

I couldn’t find any legit link to help India’s environment destruction due to plastic but please stop abusing plastic use. Cheers


pupupuchi28 says:

BTW I shut my work at Office and spent full 60 mins to watch this. Totally loved it !!!

pupupuchi28 says:

Regarding what you termed as 'Racism'.
Immigrants/Travellers from Bangladesh (even with valid documents such as the passport) have in recent past created lots of problems in India. Problems as in illegal immigration / encroachment / robbery in border areas of India-Bangladesh / radical militants etc.
There is a drive by the Government of India to identify these illegal migrants (not necessarily without valid documents. Even the ones who procured valid Indian documents illegally) and send them back to Bangladesh or cordon them. A 'deadly combination' of Bangladeshi/Muslim is what triggered in your case.

I'm not trying to justify what the Owner of the hotel did to you. I'm sure you would understand and appreciate that security is key for most popular tourist destinations like Haridwar (which is also a religious holiday destination). But he should have dealt this sensitive topic with you in a much more matured way.

BTW, just so that you don't get too offended with this experience; I as an Indian Citizen have to apply for ILP (Inner line permit) to visit North East Indian border states touching China and Myanmar. For the same reason of security. Peace !

Tritan says:

I am myself would like to skip India as a travel destination.

Peter Langes says:

Goa, old people and Russians? 2 or 3 days? Get the fuck outta here! Love from Peter and Maggie.

Doctor Love says:

Apparently Indians are the biggest racists in the world… I know this sounds harsh, but it is a reality!!

Himansh mishra says:

you ignore whole northeast India.
the seven sisters state.
It is great in terms of geography

Ravi Kanojiya says:

Nice man good to see you in india n i am disappointed by u have to bad time with indian people's by your religion. Sorry

Abhisek Swain says:

If you have so many complaints, then dont come India.


Come back to india after every five years and you will find something new about it hope you will be back and visit mumbai you will find many bangladshi people are living here and there is no problem they have from other locals and i belive all over india too so plz padharo mhare desh


Really very nice work you had done i like your approach thank you bro for visiting india and give us your oppinion thanks again

Mahesh Manja says:

Brah you allowed to enter any Hindu temple!

1 Mega Videos Channel says:

India have more than 10 million illegal Bangladeshi immigrants and rohingyas which are messing around. Currently crackdown is happening in india on those and are being deported. Illegal Bangladeshi are getting caught in illegal activities from decades like smuggling, human trafficking, etc in india, that is most important reason for security reason you are inquired a lot being bangladeshi passport. If you have Qatar visa and if you travel to Bahrain, saudi neighbouring countries you having Qatar visa will be inquired as current scenarios in GCC. Same goes with Mexican immigrants in USA. Its every where and its sometimes necessary

hemanth mamidi says:

hyderabad is great city with out knowledge dont make negative comments dear back packer better u visit CHARMINAR, GOLKONDA FORT , SALAR JUNG MUSEUM, HUSSEIN SAGAR LAKE WITH BUDDHA STATUE , FALAKNUMA PALACE, BIRLA MANDIR , BIRLA SCIENCE MUSEUM v have many more beautiful nd historical places to visit in hyderabad I LOVE HYDERABAD

marcowakay2 says:

really enjoyed this video. helpful insights

Kevin Roux says:

Youre amazing. Honestly i watch a lot of traveling videos on youtube and you reach the top 🙂 Thanks for the great content

Lepakshi agarwal says:

At 58:28 he lost all his intrest to travel and even flim 😑

Tarang Beriwala says:

MoAlamin your opinion about Indian trains is not going towards the right direction and the pricing part is not correct. Trains are the best short distance .

Subhrajit bhattacharjee says:

wow.. so many complaints.. tells the story where you come from… the WEST. stop complaining dude and have fun. i am surprised the whites enjoy this country more than you do and most of them have lesser complaints . even i got my photograph taken in other countries for safety reasons.. big deal.. some country has bad history . the police does everything to keep the citizens safe. so u gotta abide by it.. we all do. the western mentality has gotten too much into you. this is not a positive attitude. the Bangladeshis wont be doing this.. when they come here for tour… in fact the opposite.

Mycroft Eurus says:

Way to good for the amound of views it has

H S Gill says:

3000 years ago The Jesus statue floated in and British put it in front of the church. Christianity isn’t even 3000 thousand years old…

Sedentário Ativo says:

Awesome..! I’m from Brazil..!
I couldn’t stop watching!!!
Congratulations it was an
amazing experience..’ Perfect shots, perfect editing and PERFECT STORYTELLING..!

Christian TESS says:

India is such a wonderful and amazing land !!!! I visited it this year and….WOW ! I loved it 🇮🇳🙏

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