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Arthur S1 EP 15 – Arthur's Family Vacation and Grandpa Dave's Old Country Farm

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Arthur’s Family Vacation: The Reads go on a family vaction of the summer, much to Arthur’s sadness as he wanted to go to summer camp instead.

Grandpa Dave’s Old Country Farm: Arthur and D.W. go to visit their Grandpa Dave who lives on an old rundown farm.


jessica Cloud9 says:

Damn that stuffed shark is HUGE!!!! Lol

Buttered Toast says:

God I miss family vacations now

Maria Patzan says:

Can anyone else notice at 13β€’56
There's a car's back rare and the license plate said's elvis

Deanna Asselta says:

I love these episodes πŸ™‚ These are my favorite episodes from Arthur 😊

Sidney Black says:

Didn't they think of deflating the shark?

Louis Arias says:

Never realized but Arthur’s dad is terrible at planning

Brandon Schleiter says:

Lol who brings an inflatable to dinner

Spartan 626 says:

I watched this episode ever summer

sean ehni says:

when I was a kid I was so confused why buster took a skateboard to a camp that's in the Forrest there's absolutely no hard ground for him to skate on it still bugs me to this dayπŸ˜‚

Myriam Janvier says:

Lol D.W is so annoying

Ashley Finch says:

Seems all the kids do is whine and complain when the parents are just trying to have fun and make the vacation fun.

Nicholas Smith says:

I remember watching the episode Arthur's Family Vacation when I was younger

Ryan Welburn says:

14:28 Diff'rent Strokes
For Different Folks
I Guess

Jackie Ruiz Sanchez says:

β€œGAS CHAMBER! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!”

Omari McKay-Laramore says:

I'm curious how & why only DW got a burger. By crying?

gamer777 says:

1:41 you deserve everything in that wedding episode

Scottwilkie18 says:

5:17 2 hrs later

Nicole Ackerman says:

The old episodes kids and adults can enjoy the new ones not so much.

Scottwilkie18 says:

Kate with her sunglasses

Scottwilkie18 says:

Poor Arthur

Stage4Candy says:

5:28 When the Jews realized it wasn't a real shower

Devani Ortman says:

4:12 Last chance to go to the bathroom

Cody Sanford says:

Nothing really my logo remakes are my life though

aric wallace says:

Are you sure you tied arkey shay ight tay πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Anonymous Anonymous says:

DW never ceases to amaze me with her level of savagery. "Gas chamber!"

Anonymous Anonymous says:

This really should be rated TV Y-7. A kid too young wouldn't get some of the humor in this show. Hell, even as an adult I cough enjoy it

Meanmanmartin2007 says:

Unusually for a storyline involving a family road trip, they didn't have to stop because somebody got car sick.

D Clark says:

"How are you supposed to eat these things anyway?!" LMFAO! I always wondered that as a kid. Now that I'm grown, I love the tails.

Kito Chan says:

How dare DW disrespect lobster dinner like that?! It’s DELICIOUS

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