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So, after crunching the numbers we discuss whether all-inclusive package holidays could work out being cheaper than booking everything yourself!

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DIRTY451 says:

Ryanair in winter you can get return flights all in for Β£60 or less to Malta with hotels in bugibba coasting about Β£250 half board 7 days

ShaniceThroughTheLens says:

I do a bit of both. I do like booking myself and the build up, etc, but I am also looking forward to the all inclusive holiday that I have booked for July. It's for my belated honeymoon so it's more for the luxury for that trip haha.

Ti chromic says:

One is travel and experience , the other one is consumption and holiday. Not the same thing.

khalil k says:

Another amazing video by PsychoTraveller . Just a question. 1) Did you try and compare the hotels direct online prices versus the price on third party websites like expedia,hotels.com and agoda as i find it occasionally cheaper on third party websites than directly with the hotel

Saint of Bacon says:

I think the best I have seen whilst dreaming was Cancun all included, premium economy from California $1600 for a whole week.


When I was a teenager we always went on package holidays (flight, hotel, breakfast included). Browsing the catalogues was fun – it was before the Internet 😁 my boyfriend and his family always travelled individually. So on our first trip to Greece we booked a package vacation together and when we got out of the airport and I showed him the tour bus that would take us to our hotel he looked as if a UFO just landed πŸ˜‚. β€žWhat, we don’t have to get a taxi?!β€œ
Nowadays I mostly book for me / us but I would totally go on an all inclusive trip, depending on the destination.

TheMagdalenaBB says:

It depends. Single supplement if you travel alone can make an all inclusive less economical. I have been dinged anywhere from $100 to maybe $300 extra because I travelled alone. Its not totally fair. I have booked items separately one time partly because the single supplements were ridiculous.

Magikzz32 says:

There is always something that i can't figure out : the activities. How do i plan my trip and find activities to live an action packed week in tunisia for example ? I'd really like to know how you do it because it seems so impossible for me

Louise Roden says:

Also a bargain is great. But word of warning. I paid Β£125 for a package holiday to Ibiza. Oh. My. God. Never again! Disgusting hotel, rained all week…sometimes there’s a reason why somewhere seems too cheap to be true πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ

Louise Roden says:

I think the typical beach resorts model is around package holidays. It works out cheaper in those places to do the package – probably more so in low peak season. But I don’t think you could say the same for say Thai beach holidays. Defo cheaper to go independent

Ben CG says:

I've done plenty of all inclusives with my family when I was little. Obviously I didn't book or pay for them though, so I don't know really what the value for money is like, but I suppose I just always assumed they would be more expensive than booking each component myself. Guess not! I do really like to be choosy with my trips though, I like a variety of experiences, and I don't really like the hand-holding from the tour operators. It makes me feel sheltered. I like to be away from my own people and my own culture. I also don't like the monotony of the same food or restaurant. Part of that is just me, because I know hotels try to offer variety, but I'll usually end up picking what I like and having it every day anyway, and don't like the idea of paying for food at the hotel and then paying extra to go out to eat. For me half or full board is the worst of all worlds and I'd never do that – it's the shelter and monotony combined with the highest likelihood of added expense on arrival. Either give me unlimited drinks or just give me a nice breakfast or even just room only.

s Jones says:

I never bother with that.

Joan E says:

It looked like a wonderful time darling. A change if pace is good, but you're like me. I prefer being an explorer! Hunting down the deals. That's half the fun of it all! So nice to see your face lovely~ BTW, two more bought your book girl! xx Mama J

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