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AMSTERDAM ON A BUDGET | The Cheapest Breakfasts | Travel to The Netherlands, Holland, 2016 Full HD

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This week we discover the cheapest breakfasts in Amsterdam.

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Places visited:
B&B Amsterdam. I love this place for their lunches! For this breakfast test they were not the cheapest though…

Ikea Amsterdam – Budget breakfast for one euro only! Pretty far out of town though…

Hema and Bakker Bart on the Kalverstraat. Right at the center. Note Hema opens at 9 o’clock but Bakker Bart only at 9.30.

Jumbo foodmarket. It’s in north, but one of my favorites. Only 1,50 euro – very good quality food and a great ambiance. If the last spot wouldn’t be there, this would be my favorite by far!

La Place at the top of the OBA (Amsterdam library). Here you can create your own breakfast, with cinnamon cookies or yoghurt, fresh fruit, granola, eggs – you name it. When the weather is good, go sit outside, the views over Amsterdam are amazing! For 3,25 euro each – you’ll have an amazing starter of the day.

MAP with all the places:


If you want to know anything about any of the places we visited (because you’re going there too?), send a FB message on our page or leave a comment. I really honestly try my to answer everyone.

To be sure not to miss out on any adventures!



CAMERA equipment I use

**Canon Powershot N100 – http://amzn.to/2aEbDZS (affiliate)
A budget option I loved very much for my first year of travel vlogging.

** Sony RX100 mk4 – http://amzn.to/2awvMyn (affiliate)
Oh my, how I love this new camera! Use this one from the Batanes series (Philippines II) onwards.

** GoPro HERO4 Silver – http://amzn.to/2aEpnqy (affiliate)
I mainly use this camera for under water shots. Love the little screen at the back so your shots will not be a surprise till you’re at your computer

** Joby Gorilla Pod – http://amzn.to/2aIFsJd (affiliate)
Small and compact, will stable shots. Love this mini tripod. Especially when traveling alone it’s a great help.

NOTE: the links provided are affiliate links. If you click them you’ll be directed to Amazon. If you buy a product, a little percentage of what you pay goes to TravelGretl. No worries: you will not pay anything more than you’d normally do, and still you’ll support this channel. So you’ll be supporting for free, kind of. How cool is that?! 😀


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Again I used CC music for this video.

Een Laastse Liedje from the Tres Tristes Tangos
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Bozza, Duettino for Two Bassoons by Grossman, Ewell, Grainger
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Bughici – Suite for Violin, 6 Dance, allegretto by Advent Chamber
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Sound effects from freesound.org:

This video is under CC BY SA license – though it is NOT allowed to grab this video as a whole and reupload it. Do something creative with it 🙂


Nury Gomez says:

Great, tanks

Benardo van Rijnsoever says:

TIP! If you would like to discover the culture through delisious food there is also a free food tour in Amsterdam that is tip based every morning from 10:30 am from Dam Square.👍

JOHN & JILL says:

This made me wanna visit Amsterdam next month ❤️❤️❤️

André Pinto says:

Hey there! Do you know if the prices are the same in 2019? Going back there this month. Thanks <3

Diwakar Bro says:

god so expensive= 3 euros= almost 2 thousand nepali currency…i can buy lavish dinner for my entire family of four 🙂

Inês Monteiro says:

Very nice and helpful, Thanks!!! 😀

sourav chaudhuri says:

What library is the one you mentioned. Any specific part of Amsterdam. Please share the details. And thank you.

Edwin Jansen says:

For 5 euro you can gorge yourself just by buying regular Dutch breakfast stuff at the…. Dutch Supermarket. And you get to choose what you want! You know bread, butter, cheese, hagelslag, juice, milk. Doeg! 🙂

Anabella Bella says:

Thank you. I'm going in may 2019. I'm sure going to use your tips

Kim Zafra says:

Currently I am in Stockholm now. This ikea is quite popular here. I can see the price in Holland isn’t cheap either.

Brittany Cutten says:

Went to the Oba library. Balcony was closed and the food was rather underwhelming and limited. And not cheap. Enjoy your videos though

Todd Walter says:

I like your wallet can you tell me what store you got it from please I will by in the Netherlands in January many thanks

Marianne Dom says:

Nice and grappig video, leuk
Groeten out Berlijn

Marcos Britto says:

LOL very funny video. Thank you

Christina M says:

This was such a cool little video! Thank you. For someone on a budget this is priceless!!!

opoijs games says:

Come to my house and het free

Fjolner I says:

These are in Amsterdam????? Unbelievable!

MK says:

Just go to a grocery store. For €5 you can get food for a couple of days.

Trabiccolo says:

Cheapest breakfast is a big yogurt by Dirk van Den Broek…

Akbar, Allard Freichmann says:

Go to a supermarket.

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