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Airport 101 – Travel Tips

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The airport is a world of it’s own and these are a few travel tips, the 101, i’ve learned. https://fbit.co/zRo

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Maggie Henderson says:

You should definitely only pack the essentials because if you bring a bunch of other junk that you dont need you will be digging for the stuff you do need

Michael Grimes says:

as a guy who refuses to walk on a conveyor belt, I always stay to the side. we can co exist with love.

Nature Club Society Georgia says:

who's watching in 2018

Louis Rubens says:

Hipster Tips… Nah. I'm good…

Midnight042 says:

Anyone who flys a lot knows the people who stand on the moving walkway🤦🏻‍♂️

soko asssz ddhgjz7a76yrnold says:

Wait isn't it 3 hours before international and 1 hour before domscit

Pat Butler says:


Pat Butler says:

This was great! thanks

VexWard says:

I love the experience of flying

DragonBornMusic says:

You are funny as all hell, happy to be comforted by that haha

Just Paige says:

i love this

Shira says:

FYI: No more Laptops on planes 😀 @ starting now

chindoo says:

i have a beard . you have a beard. my beard is long your beard is long . my beard is cool your beard would have been cool in dark ages.

Jazmin Castro says:

i saw this in 2017 LOL ! helped me a lot. Thanks !

Will Smith says:

Lol…Great vid….here's a tip…. if you are flying with Spirit you can go directly to the airport and purchase a ticket and often save over $40, so if you live close go try it out

xotwod_ says:

I've traveled on a plane before, but it was always with my parents so they did everything, I have no clue how things would work if I traveled alone. Can you give me a step by step procedure?

moeykumar says:

Had to sub this videos hilarious

michico samia says:

Definitely a very helpful video for travelers.

Jashmin Salazar says:

always weight your luggage before going to the airport. you don't want to open your luggage and re-arrange your stuff for everyone in the airport to see. and you get to save money by avoiding those exorbitant excess luggage charges.

fayman i live World says:

James harden

beardedme says:

its never bad to be a early bird!!

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