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Airplane/Travel Tips + Easy Makeup & Outfit! | Meredith Foster

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Hi loves, happy International Women’s Day to all! Keep being strong and believing in yourself. Be proud of who you are, even if you are still figuring it out. I am always here to support you. 🙂

Comment below where you would travel if you could go anywhere in the world!

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imteddyy b says:

my flight is on 16 Feb and this video helped me. thank you

CrazyFood 03 says:

Does anyone know the brand of the wallet, where you can get it, or anything similar to it??

Travel Zone says:

great Maredith

Jerie Valleramos says:

I'm watching a lot of these videos bc I'm leaving on Friday morning and I have no idea what to pack in my carry on. Thank you so much Mere! ( Ik this video is old but whatever )

Aurora Santana says:

Omg that was my dog?

Business of Beauty says:

Pirates booty !!! I love those

Daniela Facendo says:

I am watching this on December 21st.. idk

Patiance Gardner says:

I'm going to NYC and it very cold there

Malika Mehmood says:

When u like the vid even before it starts

Caroline Green says:

I also want to travel. I always seemed to have no time and no money. who can save me?

Charli • MSP says:

Did anyone notice the guy at 4:10 behind Meredith, waving to the camera?
Like if you did! ?

Charli • MSP says:

I'm going on a plane in a week 2 the Gold Coast, Australia ??✈️

Karen Minami says:

I love this video ?? it's so helpful

Kaitlyn Somero says:

Is anyone else binge-watching travel videos?  Just me?

Isabela Hart says:

what happens if i'm going from Australia of breaking record heat wave and then to Alaska where it's snowing have any tips?

The Fricky and Licky Show says:

Going abroad in two weeks!!!!! ???????❤️✈️✈️✈️✈️?????????

Victoria Hoz says:

meredith:"sometimes i like to bring deodorant with me" Me : ……… gurl you SOMETIMES???……..

Victoria Hoz says:

i have the same rain boots as her…..

BasicallyBrooke says:

I'm not even going on vacation… why am I even here?? Loved the video though❤️

Arianagrandevideos says:

I just barely found out I was going to go flying to see my cousins for Christmas, HYPED!! Now I can't stop watching these videos

Sarah Magdy says:

going on the board tomorrow

Emma Walsh says:

?I have only been by a window for like 5 mins because TEY MVED MEH ?

Crystalite Njt says:

The whole video was cutely edited!

rakayah duncan says:

going on a trip on the 14th of December and trying to watch everybody that I can so I'm already pack for my trip is gonna be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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