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Airlines Explained How Plane Ticket Prices Are Formed

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Why are plane tickets so expensive? How to buy a cheap flight? How are the airplane tickets prices formed? Experts finally explain that the flight prices are not just whatever the airlines want them to be.

Well, airlines are now letting us in on how they come up with these prices. But knowing the “why” and “how” isn’t gonna help save money. So stick around and we’ll share some strategies to help you fly cheaper.

How is the plane ticket price formed?
Aircraft fuel — 26% 0:34
Passenger and luggage services — 26% 1:08
Aircraft service — 16% 1:37
Salaries — 10% 1:47
Depreciation and leasing — 8% 1:57
Advertisement and administrative costs — 5% 2:19
Air navigation fees and meteorological support — 9% 99% 2:33

Knowing the factors that go into ticket pricing might help you understand why airfares are so high, but I’m sure you still wanna know how you can save some money, right? Of course, you can’t do anything about the things we just covered, but you can change the following:

How can you save some money?
Use comparison sites 3:13
Join travel groups on social media 4:02
Choose flights with connections 4:35
Use the “Saturday Night Rule” 5:06
Fly on the “right” days 5:33
Change the dates 5:54
Try different destinations 6:24
Sign up for loyalty programs 6:46
Read the fine print 7:03
Eliminate extra costs 7:19

Do you have any special tricks up your sleeve when purchasing plane tickets? Share with us in the comments section!

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Aircraft fuel — 26% 0:34
Passenger and luggage services — 26% 1:08
Aircraft service — 16% 1:37
Salaries — 10% 1:47
Depreciation and leasing — 8% 1:57
Advertisement and administrative costs — 5% 2:19
Air navigation fees and meteorological support — 9% 99% 2:33

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