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A Different Way to (Budget) Travel the Amalfi Coast || Positano, Italy

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How we managed to spend under $30 USD in Positano, Italy, one of the most expensive travel destinations in Europe.

Visiting some of these amazing places isn’t always cheap but the views make it worth it. Instead of buying bus tickets, try renting a car! We’ll give you the low down.

La Bottega di Brunella:
Courtesy of the amazing artists at Epidemic Sound



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Dona Sylvester says:

Is the Brunelleschi shop expensive?

valgehiir says:

possibly the most beautiful place on Earth

Michelle Hayes says:

Do you have any recommendations about where to get a rental car? We will be there this summer, totally emersed in unchartered waters!

Big Small_Travel says:

Wonderful video! I like your direct and informative approach. We opted to take the ferry to Amalfi, but we enjoyed the same things. Next time I will have to check out the cherries for sure! We are fellow budget travelers in love with Italy — check out our channel and subscribe. Keep up the great work!

Heru Rishardana says:

"Only You" – Marissa Tomei and RDJ – always makes me dreaming to visit Positano … well at least I get to watch it from your video for now 🙂

Patrick Blaise Hebert says:

finally able to catch up and Wow! The car price and the decision to drive the coast sound amazing!! Definitely going to have to do that. That lemon… MY goodness. The coast line is beautiful Amalfi coast is definitely on my list the towns on the cliffs are so beautiful. What a great and informational video and as always the drone and camera footage is superb! Thanks for sharing! Also I don't know if this has been said but the music choices in all your videos are always perfect and fit the vlogs perfect!! Keep on being awesome you two!

Leana Lares says:

I LOVVVVEEE Capri salad I am so jealous 🤤🤤 my mouth is watering

ZiggleFingers says:

I stayed in Naples for a week, took the train to Salerno ( Under $5 each way), hopped the ferry to Amalfi (maybe $15 round trip) spent maybe 4 hours there. On the way back the Italians had a great sing along on the ferry. Public transport can be very fun and beautiful scenery. Took the train back to Pompeii and spent a few hours there (amazing), then back to Naples. Great day. Thank you for sharing your trip!

Moritz Enking says:

Some wonderful beaches. Never been to Italy but I guess I will avoid these busy spots when I will go there some day. Amazing video 👏🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥

Tiger Mason says:

That is a really great price for the rental car. When I visit the US (from New Zealand) I pay at LEAST $130 USD per day (with insurance cover included!) It’s quite expensive.

Altea Koenig says:

Dearest! You are completely right, renting a car is usually the best option in Italy, especially where you want to avoid the crowds and reach several diferent spots that are maybe a bit secluded 🙂 btw it's so weird 'cedro' is still a lemon in english! They are so different from each other!

Continue being so energetic and fun to watch!

FR0G the FRENCH says:

yap very nice and very expensive incredible place . There is another one like that on North Italia, Cinque terre
great but expensive too …

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