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8 Tips for Landscape Photography in Iceland | Best Travel tips for Iceland

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Iceland is a dream destination for most landscape photographers. Together with Andrew Dawes, I share our best tips for improving your landscape photography experience in Iceland, to help you get the most out of your next photography trip.

1. Know where you are going – It’s important to maximise your time while you are there. To do that I recommend a map called International Photographer of Iceland. https://international-photographer.com/en/

2. Work out what the weather is doing – One of the biggest elements that will impact how successful your trip is will be the weather. I used an app called Vedur for iOS.

3. Build flexibility in your plan – Hire a motorhome so you’re not restricted to check in and check out times that could mess with your landscape photography plans.

4. Optimise your shooting time – During summer the days are long and the nights are short and don’t get completely dark. The best time to shoot with the best light was between 10:30pm and 2:00am during which time included the sunset and sunrise.

5. Consider your Lenses – Think about the sorts of landscapes you want to capture. I took my 17-35mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm lenses. If I could only take 2 lenses, I probably leave the 17-35mm lens home.

6. Avoid crowds – Generally you’ll encounter less people in Iceland during winter, however the weather in more extreme. During summer when the weather is likely to be more pleasant, many locations can be packed with tourists.nScout your locations out during the day but return at night. Find locations that are off the main ring road.

7. Be prepared for bad weather – During winter the weather in Iceland can get fairly intense, so make sure you’re prepared. Even in summer it can get very cold, and it important if you are going to spend hours at night shooting that you are warm dry and comfortable, so sure you have gloves, beanies and plenty of layers.

8. Get into the high country with a 4WD – While there are lots of locations in easy reach of the main ring road around Iceland, they will be popular. To make the most of you visit, consider getting access to a 4WD (even for part of your time there), so you can access some of the spectacular and unique locations the high country has to offer.

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Brendan van Son says:

Picture in picture really worked well actually! Lots of great tips too, man. I'm heading back in January and CANNOT wait!!

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