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8 MUST-KNOW Vacation Tips: Airbnb vs Hotels? Which is cheaper?

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Sharing 8 MUST-KNOW Vacation Tips comparing Airbnb, VRBO and other vacation rental websites vs Hotels! Ever wonder which is cheaper? It’s crazy how much money you can save traveling on vacation by staying in a vacation home. But if you don’t know the travel tips and travel hacks I share in this video, you will end up with the wrong vacation rental or pay more than you need to! Those vacation rental fees add up if you aren’t careful. And there are travel hacks to get around them (or pay a lot less!)

So if you want to know how to use airbnb, how to use vrbo or how to book a vacation rental, this video will show you the exact way to do it and all the lesser-known vacation tips to get the best deal on your vacation!

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Other great sites to check out for vacation rentals:

VRBO.com (Owned by HomeAway.com so the listings are very similar. In fact HomeAway owns MANY vacation rental websites. Just FYI.)


Any Vacation Rental websites that I missed that you LOVE using? Comment below the video and tell us!

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The Melea Show says:

Have you guys done Vacation Rentals before instead of Hotels?? Loved it? Hated it? LMK below!

Zayair Schofield says:

I’m from the giveaway and I’ve been subscribed for a long time but I travel a lot and these tips are very helpful🙌 so thank you and btw you’re makeup looks great♥️

Cyna411 says:

I have a vacation rental property and I use VRBO. Airbnb was not owner friendly. I've not used them as a consumer, so I can't give a comment on that.

Chayt And Vaness says:

I showed this video to my mom and she loved it!!

KarlaOro16 says:

Btw this is AWSOMEEEE THX U SOO MUCH IM GOING TO TELL MY DAD THE NEXT TIME WE GO ON A TRIP really thx youuu sooi much 💓💓💓😱😱💓😱😮😮😘😘😘😘

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Thank you so much for this video. We are actually planing to go on a trip soon, and I am sure we will need this.. ❤

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This was very useful love u

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This video is useful and helpful. I wish you can upload more content like this.

Ariana Flores says:

I actually love Airbnb, I have saved a lot of money in here.

Cistar Reyes says:

My vacations are over :’v

GlM says:

This was honestly really helpful because my family is kind of big and we recently started taking vacations and we didn’t known much about Airbnbs but now we do!😭🙌🏽

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I just want everyone to know that you guys are worth it! ❤️

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Thanks for the advice 😍

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That helpful

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This is a really smart idea! (:

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This is really helpful thank you so much!!❤️❤️💖💖

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I don't have the chance to travel a lot so I don't really know why I'm watching this but thank you for this video!

Yostina Shenouda says:

that's so cool😇😍😙

Andy Nat says:

saw this before my summer trip and saved lots of money!!! thank youu

Vknowles Inc says:

How do you know which air bnbs to trust I’ve heard a lot of bad reviews about them

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Love you❤❤❤

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Your videos are so helpful thank you so muc. Keep going 🙂

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