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7 Secrets Booking Cheap Flights

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♥ 7 Secrets Booking Cheap Flights ♥

I made this video to help anyone who wants to travel more and spend less! I love saving money any way possible when I travel, so these secrets will help you get to your destination at a lower cost!

I hope these will get you all traveling!

Venice Beach: https://youtu.be/rBr_FMiZhEA
Girls Win, Boys Lose: https://youtu.be/RLL4vEBAuzU
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Skyscanner: http://www.skyscanner.com/
Budget Airline List: USA: Jetblue, Virgin America, Southwest AUSTRALIA: Jetstar NEW ZEALAND: Air New Zealand, Jetstar ASIA: Air Asia Europe: RyanAir, Norwegian Air CANADA: Porter


Run The Atlas says:

So cool! Just subbed. Cheers fellow California travel vlogger!!

BOM says:

The lighting hurts my eeeeyyyess

DoItLikeATruck says:

Sometimes its nice also to look at different airports if you want to make a world flight. Fly with a budget airline to the airport with lower prices. For example, Amsterdam – Manila was €1000 and Münich – Manila €600. Worth a try if the extra hours of travelling wont bother you a lot.

TheTravelingClatt says:

Amazing tips guys actually learned some new things here!

Leigh-Anne Marie says:

I love Skyscanner too! My dream is to someday go on a spontaneous random trip using the Everywhere tool. These are some great tips! 🙂

2 Wongs Make It Right says:

Just came across your channel. very cool tips! Thanks for sharing and awesome trailer! We need to make one! 😀

Ho Stevie! says:

Have you ever waited until the last minute to book? My friend says sometimes the prices will drop really low, but I haven't tried it.

The Gone Gurl says:

Great tips! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I love Skyscanner too! I also like checking Momondo stats where (based on previous years) they tell you when the cheapest time to book your flight should be. I also keep seeing articles popping up about changing you origin location — though I still haven't tried this one out yet.

Chef Rafi's Awesome World says:

I need to go to Korea too! What airline is the best from the East Coast?

Joy Skie Cooking says:

New subbie here hope you subscribe back

The Ukulele Teacher says:

Some great tips – will try and use them when I come back out to CA this year! Thanks!

Notes of Nomads says:

Great video! The incognito tip is one we often mention to people too, and we love the Skyscanner "everywhere" function! So useful! Keep up the great work!

Jasper's Studios says:

Great positive vibes 🙂

It's Shawnieboyy says:

thanks for checking out my channel. New subbie 🙂

Britt and Ty says:

We have been looking to take a trip. Where do you think is a cheap/fun place to go in the U.S.? (Student discounts applied 🙂 hehe)

joyjoyoo says:

going incognito..best tip ever

Travel-Nomad says:

Hey, cool video but maybe for improvement next time use more light 🙂 Stay curious 😉

Eva Bosh says:

Love the tips, similar to the ones I use daily and have shared in my e-book on travel hacks! Yay, we think so alike 🙂

Gianbros Eleven says:

wow I didn't know about Tues and Thurs being good days to buy tickets. thanks for these!

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