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7 Cheapest Countries in the World to travel – INSANELY AFFORDABLE TRAVEL DESTINATIONS

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These are the cheapest budget travel destinations that I have traveled to and can reccomend. It´s Greece,Poland,Bali,Malaysia,Thailand,Philippine,Ukraine.

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DB SJ says:

Thanks for sharing this wonderful information about theses places where we can go in low budget, also see https://newsresolution.com/travel-phi-phi-island-thailand/

RoyalQueenSarah says:

Been to Ukraine and Cambodia, but Cambodia is cheaper than Ukraine.

You Tube says:

The list isn't accurate at all. This is the list of cheapest places that you have traveled to, but not the cheapest destinations in the world. Bali is part of Indonesia. You should have shown the places/landscapes/tourist places etc in those countries instead of showing your gf taking a taxi, walking on the street or swimming in the pool.

BgbadWulof says:

My only problem with the Ukraine is only 15% of the population speak English. He's right it is cheap. But the frustrations of doing things and nobody can understand a word you say. Then the alphabet is different. The interpreters will take you for everything they can. And watch crossing the streets in town they fly.

movie trailers & movie reviews says:

have you seen pakistan???
you will surprise after seen pakistan and most cheapest country in this world
you can see in this video

Den Samsonov says:

Thanks from Ukraine!

J A says:

Your girlfriend is stunning 😘💯

Pengawal Peribadi says:

Malaysia 🇲🇾 because a lot of subsidiary you will get in something (cheaper price) and modern country development. When ECRL train finish maybe most tourist will use it to see view of Malaysia country when travel.

Action Jackson says:

Money per day or per month? Another question, how much does it cost to rent a scooter with helmet and what do they ask of you what’s in the contract, do they ask or hold your documents? Please explain in details please. Thanks and thank you for your videos, I hope to travel like you buddy in the near future. It’s truly a blessing to travel the world to so many destinations , only a few people in the world get the opportunity.

Sayan Roy Chowdhury says:

India is quite cheap and affordable especially cities like Kolkata, Agra and etc.

Katie Videography says:

Love it! Doing travel videos as well. I wish I can create such cool videos one day, too!

Harmot says:

Venezuela and Zimbabwe are the cheapest countries

Redd Hott says:

Not one south american country on da list !!!!!

Shafi Ahmed says:

Try Pakistan… it's more cheaper than any of this… specially northern region of Pakistan.

X Philly Fighter says:

You Need to Change the Title Name to This Video, These Aren't the Cheapest 7 Country's in the World !

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