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7 BEST Award TRAVEL DEALS – 2019

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7 BEST AWARD TRAVEL DEALS // In this video I’ll talk about some of best travel deals out there right now. This will include booking cheap flights, cheap hotels and the best travel rewards credit card sign up bonus.

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Having credit cards points and frequent flyer miles will allow you to book very cheap flights and very cheap hotels… Some in cheap first class. I cover the best travel deals, best flight deals you can achieve with points and miles. However, keep in mind that the world of miles and points is constantly changing so get on these amazing cheap travel deals now before they go away.

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Xabier Landa says:

Hi Ramy, once again thanks for the way you explain your experiences, I flight Cathay Pacific, business from Hong Kong to La, it was amazing m best trip, in that time we start in LA, to Sydney a month filming there, to Brisbane and there Hong Kong, and way back, My question is any information to fly Arne the world different cities, any experience in that ?

Jose Perez says:

Ramy, thank you for sharing your amazing Boss !

Jose P.

leslie535 says:

Great video, thanks. As these things change so quickly, it would be nice to see a monthly video with the best award deals perhaps? Cheers 👍🏼🙏🏽

L. J. I. says:

Solid content.

zackychan finacial says:

So many good cards out there

Nashir Mohammed says:

great content as always but….the glare from the light on your glasses is mad distracting!

Nathan Wall says:

If you need a referral link for the Ink P, I would love to send you my link!

Neiri Tanuki says:

Routed by credit shifu

Travel Rewards Coach says:

I would vote the ANA first class deal #1. Going to be taking that this summer!

Kory Beck says:

Im working on flying from the US to South Africa on Cathay First class! Ive been saving up Alaska Points and plan on doing a stop over in Hong Kong to experience the lounges


great tips keep moving forward 👍I need to up my game on my video's 😂 this is a helpful channel .

Dontee Weaver says:

Nice!! So far I have the Southwest Companion pass until the end of 2020. Booked a roundtrip for two to Cabo in June and I still have over 105k points left💪🏾 My travel hacking is just beginning🎯

trivedi85 says:

Awesome tips! What’s the best way to get the business/first flights to Asia with Amex points ?

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