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7 Air Travel Tips to Know Before Your Flight

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Many people who travel by airplanes don’t know about all of their peculiarities. These 7 amazing tips will make you feel better and more comfortable during your flight.

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kawaii unicorn says:

Ive never ben on a plain

Woodad says:

Thank you, for the help!

Duhh_Itz_Ya_Girl_DJ 123 says:


Brooklyn DIY says:

I haven't flew yet ! Does it make you fell sick?

Hovernyan Sonicnyan9999 says:

The Gum is good for you!
Trust me. I am a doctor

Lily DiY! says:

Now people are going to go in the morning

Pravauvika Patel says:

How are you doing this video for

Gravity Mix says:

I got an airplane ad before watching this video

Chloe Stuart says:

There channel name is so mean

Sizzling Sausage says:

Okie dokie I'm all set . Hopefully

Chace Moreau says:

I’ve never heard of a food “or other”

Qasim Ali Idris says:


Klarisse Lane Saw says:

How about 3:00AM flights that was our flight time once

My Apple Head says:

I’d like to know how to reduce that horrible pain in my ears during landings and liftoffs from air pressure changes. I seriously cry during them because of the pain

Nikola YouTube says:


Muslima Chowdhury says:

Halal is my vhoice of course.😎

Psycho Nekko says:

I’m watching this the day before I go on a family vacation to Hawaii! We are traveling first class there and back and we are going to a five star hotel!!!

Doggie girl awesome says:

That thumbnail makes no sense

Jenavive Seay says:

I would not do anything in the thumbnail of this, when I had gum on an airplane I got an ear ache, it hurt 🙁


Very useful for my flight especially the #3

Lil’ Potato says:

My big sis always wipes the airplane tables, she’s 21, I’m 16, my lil bro twins are 4. So yeee…me and meh sis are the oldest (apparently)

Susan Tees says:

fuselage its pernoust fuseAlage

Hong Bin Liu says:


little headgehog says:

10000000000000000 out of 10

Ali Wahab says:

I going to Paris tomorrow !!!

Blue Acidball says:

Or for #6, you can bring your coffee or tea mixture.

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