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5 Tips for Cheap Holiday Gaming

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New consoles and full price games can drain your funds alarmingly fast, so what’s a prospective purchaser to do? Well, don’t buy new consoles or full-price games, for starters, and take these five suggestions to have a happy gaming holiday.

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Veloci-regan-saurus says:

Question…. why call them console peasents when you spend so much more on a console? Sure not as expensive to go buy the console by itself for 400$ – 500$ but the damn things will cost you 50$ to 60$ a year. And If you make that console last 7 years until a new one come then you will pay about another 350$ to play online and on top of 60$ games unless you buy used but either way you'll pay. So in reality your going to pay some where around a couple thousand in the end of the consoles life cycle. With pc its going to last even longer if its built with recent enough technology and games will be so much cheaper with no paying for online. So you may pay like a higher price at the moment when you pay for a pc but it is a huge money saver in the long run. I'm still getting a ps4 but I won't pay for online every month and ill stick to its f2p it has to offer, netflix and eventually Ill pay for a couple months to play with othergames online. And buy used games for consoles people seriously do your selfs a favor unless your a serious collector. And yes I use pc and consoles but still why call them peasants? They obviously have lots of money to spend

eddy7457 says:

Shit i bought gta 5 for 40$ on the psn

Pierce Placer says:

I love how theres no mention of the Wii U, sorry Nintendo.

Ingus Mozarella says:

like this !!

11290lars says:

I don't know what happend either… I ment to say Garry's Mod.

11290lars says:

Great way of saving money: Play free to play games, some of them are realy good, like War Thunder and TF2, or buy realy cheap games like Garry's Mod.

Miranda Devin says:

Tip: buy used games

fallingup1986 says:

3ds is definitely better than the vita. And the 3DSXL bundle for a link between worlds and the gold 3DS is something I would definitely buy if I had 220 dollars to spend.

Ryan Lombardo says:

I'm Building a PC for 1375, It's really powerful too!

Empress00 says:

Sony aren't playing the PSN store January sale atm it IS competing with Steam with games like Ni No Kuni for £5 and Persona 4 for £15. It's not as good as Steam but goodness me over these past months they've been coming pretty damn close.

ekroizm says:

 plants vs zombies 2 is crap the first one was awesome..

Ashmeet Khanuja says:

make your own pc and load it with steam os you got yourself a gaming console but i want to know that can you your old non steam games on steam os

Artanis says:

Here is the best tip: PIRATEBAY!

Yar har, fiddle di dee,
Being a pirate is alright to be!

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