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5 Singapore CHEAP TRAVEL Tricks

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Here are my Singapore Cheap Travel Tricks for budget travelers planning to visit this ultra-modern citystate in Southeast Asia. From places where you can find cheap hostels all the way to places where you can get cheap shopping finds. This is the guide I made for you!

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Who is LexGo?

I’m Lex Bonife. I’m a writer and I come from the immensely beautiful country called the Philippines. I try to see the world as much as I possibly can. And I firmly believe that a great life is one that is filled with countless journeys.

Some Facts About Lex as a Traveler:

* When I’m traveling, I love waking up early in the morning to take great shots of an uncrowded city

* I prefer to be on my sandals all the time so I so I don’t have to carry socks with me in my luggage

* I always bring power extension cords whenever I travel.

* I always have problems sticking to my budget when I’m traveling.

* The worst thing that happened to me while traveling so far was when I was held by the immigration officers in Paris. I made a mistake in my visa application and I actually overstayed in France. But all is well, they did let me go. And they were very nice to me. They even offered me cookies.


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