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5 Rules for Traveling on a Serious Budget

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Tips for finding cheap airfare:

Best home exchange websites: http://sharetraveler.com/best-home-exchange-websites-updated-august-2016/

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eulamae magalona says:

hi!new subscriber here! Im so into earning and budgeting money! finding your channel is such a blessing! thanks for the tips!

Branden Stewart says:

Oh man! Very good stuff. It's hard, because when you're traveling you want to splurge on things. My big rule is that I can always splurge on experiences but not on things

Veronica Rohach says:

Here's another cool video about travel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQhXctH5aAs

Denise Ottie says:

I've had a travel savings account since I married over 30 years ago. Even when only $50 a month was possible, we ended up with enough money to go on a couple of camping trips or day trips during the summer. Then when children came along, set up a separate savings account to fund summer camp. We never went into debt for vacation or summer camps. Eventually summer camp fund became the ticket fund to get kid home from college during holidays. We are retired and our vacation travel budget is still going strong and keeps us in check.
I enjoy your videos.

Holly Carr says:

thanks for that you've really helped me reframe travel in my mind πŸ™‚

Withy Octopus says:

1. Start a travel fund.
2. Do a side hustle and put that money towards traveling.
3. Use a home-swapping app or cheap lodging of any kind. Cheap flights with flexibility (time of day, days of week…)
4. Expand your definition of travel: going somewhere different. Get out of your town. Visit friends and family.
5. Set priorities and choose spending opportunities wisely.

Heather Banks says:

This is a great ideaπŸ€”πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‘

TheTerribleTurnip says:

One thing that scares me about international travel is the language barrier. I'm bilingual so Im only comfortable going to two countries because I know I can communicate with people. Any tips?

knittingarch says:

Yup! I live in Boston. My favorite vacation destination? Brooklyn!

Where to travel 1 says:

Learn how to buy cheaper airline ticket: https://tinyurl.com/y78gdupk

Mackenzie McGowan says:

As someone who works in a hotel, I would advise making friends with somebody who works in a hotel. We have friends and family discounts, which will give you a good $30-$40 off a night- if not more, depending on what type of hotel you're looking for- and you don't have to worry about booking a sketchy looking air bnb. If you decide to travel with your hotel friends, the discount could be even better than that.

Mh. A says:

Great tips! Love your realistic view towards everything. Subbed!

Kimberly Ann Dolor says:

So true! I've always felt broke when I worked as a nurse in the Philippines. (I'm now based in London.) But I travelled to several places in PH where even my friends with higher income haven't travelled to. I guess I'm just more open-minded when it comes to budget, and I don't buy too many souvenirs that just pile up in my space unused.

hyperbunny says:

You're awesome. I stumbled upon your stuff and I'm subscribed now. You give it so real and with humor. And you have great tips without sounding like a know it all. Love it!

Eli Hinze says:

This is so great, thanks a million! I'm living in China right now and I want to explore all over while I'm here. πŸ™‚

Moussa Sall says:

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