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5 CHEAP holiday gift baskets! | Inexpensive Christmas gift ideas!

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Hey guys! Back at it again with another holiday video! Today I’m showing you 5 super cheap and easy holiday gift baskets you can make for anyone on our list! Don’t forget to subscribe!

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Caity Rose says:

QOTD: Which basket was your favourite??

Anazia Threadgill says:

Definitly subscribing!!! I love it

sunshine11931 says:

These were really cute ideas! Thank you for the inspiration. 🙂

SASHTv says:

Really cool 🙂 as a guy im glad we don't have all this to ponder over!!

Jennifer Kingsley says:

Hi, just came across your video. I love these ideas! I subscribed & hit notify. These are awesome!

破產姐妹 says:

I like ur vid!!!!

Julia C. says:

Where did you get the gloves and socks from the Cozy Basket?


I have 2 favorites 💖The first one because of the slippers and the Cozy basket because…duh! Who doesn't love to be cozy!! 💕

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