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4 Steps on How to Plan a Vacation on a Budget | Real Life Costa Rica Vacation Budget Breakdown

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Follow these four SIMPLE STEPS on how to plan a vacation on a budget. Your dream vacation is 100% doable when you learn how to travel on a budget. In this video we are sharing our real life numbers of exactly what we spent on our Costa Rica dream vacation! Let get you started planning a trip on a budget!

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Moush Travels says:

Thanks, for sharing the video about “Trip on budget”. I think using train or bus can help in many ways to save the money, and you get to enjoy the local culture along with scenery.

Jasmine Shenault says:

Ghana Africa, Kingston Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Germany, brazil and soooo much more 💖💞💕😊☺

adjones87 says:

I can't wait to take my husband on an Alaskan cruise for his big 4-0 in 2020! I need to start saving…like 2 years ago 😆

Rachel Davis says:

I would go back to Cambodia

Frugal Fit Mom says:

We had that departure tax when we left the BVI also. I remember it being right around $30 a person. Pretty standard for a lot of places. Edit: We are headed to Mexico in a week, I hope you come check out our Mexico vlogs!

Nadja Joergensen says:

Something to consider on the insurance. Check your car insurance company. My car insurance company covers rental cars at the same level as my own personal car. Another thing to consider that I dont think i heard you say is travel insurance. Depending on level of medical coverage you have or type of trip (for example a cruise) you may want to be covered by a travel insurance policy.

Steph Burnett says:

One of my dream vacations is England or the UK in general.

Eden Sam says:

Passports should be a given!
Everyone should have a valid passport in general.

momof2 says:

Nice vacation… but I'm a little surprised that you didn't use the money towards your new home budget

MrsKilby1 says:

My dream vacation is Disney world. I won't feel complete as a mom until I take my kids there. I have a family of four and it'll probably cost around $5,000 for a five day trip. It will take me until the end of 2020 to save enough money to go.

Ashley Gaver says:

Girl! I love your energy! You're one of my favorite youtubers/instas!

Michelle R says:

Thanks for all your great tips. Volcano is -VO not VA

sonya pope says:

Good job explaining and providing the travel budhet breakdown of costs. The departure tax is included in your flight if you didn't pay anything additional upon departure.

sonya pope says:

Wow! I went to Costa Rica in July too. First time I had flown in over six years and second time out of America in over 20 years. I felt excited and nervous, but extremely grateful because everything was paid for in cash. Nothing but memories followed me home instead of credit card bills and debt.

ginger ware says:

Santorini Greece!

71babyjay says:

My hubby and daughter are going to Costa Rica in march 2018.
We've been all over SE Asia (due to living there), but now I want to go to England and Scotland 💕

Shirley Fantasia says:

Yea it was the airline, I went to Costa Rica in may and we didn't know there was a departure tax lol

sj burgess says:


coupon gal says:

I want to go to the Bahamas, Hawaii and I want to take my kids on the first real vacation to Disney world. However my son is on chemo and my hubby has cancer. It is very hard when they have to take infusions and doctors weekly. It would mean allot to us to go anywhere for a vacation. My kids are teenagers and have never been on a real vacation. Prayers is all I ask, thank you for sharing you amazing journey. Blessings

fotolove79 says:

Saving for my Greek vacation!!

Traci Sanders says:

I want to drive to Seattle, drive the Oregon coast to San Francisco and then fly home to OH. Would love to visit Nova Scotia someday too!!

Traci Sanders says:

Thank you!! Look forward to the vlogs about trip!!

Croisières Autour Du Monde says:

Our next big vaca is a cruise to Antarctica!! We are saving and planning to go January 2018! So exciting 😊

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