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3 Hacks to travel CHEAP that WORK! (and are AWESOME)

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Want to travel for CHEAP? I took 3 tips to budget travel and put it to the test on my recent affordable trip to Koh Tao Thailand. Thanks #MalibuRum for sponsoring this video – https://maliburum.com – From Couchsurfing, working at a hostel, today I show you how to get free / affordable accomodations and travel on a budget.

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Phu Nguyen says:

Jobs ? She have boobs epual job. U have stick u pay as usual clubs

Woody says:

Can anybody tell me what's the name of the bacteria killing machine in tap water and where to buy it? Seriously it's so amazing.

Андрей Ростов says:

It's very cool movie. I like it so much😍

Miguel Bettencourt says:

The volleyball game, they also play like that in Brasil all over the beach. I think it's called FuteVolei 🤟

Pablo Escobär says:

Now i am an alcoholic

Deyra Cantu says:

They play that sport in mayanmar too:) pretty cool!

zoeki98 says:

Question: I'm going to Thailand with some friends in September. We were planning on also going to Koh Tao for a couple of days. Are the bars/hostels open in the rain season (september)?

Zupez says:

Looking to purchase a new men’s necklace, anyone have any store recommendations?

Mari-Anna D'Angelo says:

Hi Christian! I have been thinking about coming to Koh Tao and getting PADI scuba certified (not free diving at first) and am wondering if you’ve done that/if you have recommendations? Or if you’ve done it somewhere else? There are sooo many options! I get so nervous but also think about it all the time.

Way Beyond Padthai says:

I have worked/volunteered for quite a few times while travelling long term. That one your friend talked about in Nicaragua sounds like the best deal on earth! CS is also soooo awesome! Super, you got on it! 😀

SebastianDB Travel Vlog says:

Or how to be rejected ….

BeingTiffany says:

whats that water cleaning device thing called???? i need for my SEA trip! 🙏🏾

Afonso Raminhos says:

Hey Lost LeBlanc! Where do you edit your videos? Macbook or Pc?

rb587 says:

Just a long commercial for rum.

Anders W says:

Great videos! 😛 Just a quick kamera question. How do you do to have best focus when you filming yourself and around? Manuel focus on the objective? Thanks!!

Victor Martins says:

Do YOU really NEED that MUCH enphasis ?!?!

wilberforce2009 says:

You can't legally work while on holiday in Thailand. This is nonsense, not awesome.

Thirstytraveler41 says:

Cool vlog! I really enjoy it and interesting info about couchsurfing.

Roisin Fitzpatrick says:

What do u film with

Max M Schneider says:

This is exactly what I'm trying right now in Banff. So hard to find a job at all.

Wanderlust On Tap says:

Love Koh Tao. My lady and I worked at Ban's 2017-2018. That's our friend Angelo singing with his band NAP at 14:01 in the video. Pretty hard to beat the vibe at Fishbowl. Great video! Keep them coming.

Julian Preece says:

Hey, can you tell me what the water (bacteria) removing UVC gadget is called, please??

Betty Romero says:

Pon suntitulos en español no me e suscrito porque no entiedo nada

MickMack says:

The lotus bar is one of the best places on earth. I'm happy that this bar still exists!

MickMack says:

Haha. Finally you sell your soul do a liquor company?! Maybe it's the cheapest way to travel to push your fans into alcohol addiction. At these times it is hard to find the difference between your channel and shopping-tv. What will be the next cash cow? Will there be a product placement of an arms dealer?

Kenneth and Joyce says:

Love your travel hacks and also going to celebrate my one year anniversary as a nurse in a Thai restaurant now

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