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We are ready to help to make your travel more comfortable. Follow our tips and you will know the best travel tips that will ease your life. One of the biggest problems usually is how to pack a suitcase and to effectively use space. The first step in packing like a pro is to roll clothes instead of folding. Roll clothes in small tubes and will save a ton of space and prevent wrinkles. Moreover, you will find helpful tips on how to make your flight as comfortable as possible. You don’t need to buy a pricey suitcase cover, use an old t-shirt. Moreover, It’s very important to save money during traveling. A lot of travelers save their money by sewing their own protective pocket inside of shorts or pants. Besides, you can use a soap bar, hairbrush, empty lipstick container, phone case to hide money. Store your phone and money safely in an empty sunscreen bottle while relaxing on the beach. Clean and dry the bottle and put your things inside.
Check out beach life hacks that will make a vacation even better:
– Mesh laundry basket could be used to store sand-free the beach stuff
– Use pop tab to repair broken flip flops
– Check out how to make a summer tattoo using sunscreen
– Put your phone in a ziplock bag to protect it from sand and water
– One of the worst parts of summer is getting a sunburn. When it happened to throw some aloe vera gel into ice cube trays and freeze it

In addition, you will find awesome camping hacks that will make your stay in the wild more comfortable. Use stones to dry wet shoes while camping. Warm up stones in a fire and put into the shoes. Make a portable washing machine out of a bucket. Cut a plastic bottle and make an emergency spoon if you forgot the real one 😊

00:09 Brilliant travel lifehacks
01:43 Packing tips
03:38 Safety tips for travelers
07:19 Aloe Vera sunburn hack
13:09 Camping washing machine

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5-Minute Crafts says:

Guys, what are you plans for vacation? ✈⛵
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00:09 Brilliant travel lifehacks

01:43 Packing tips

03:38 Safety tips for travelers

07:19 Aloe Vera sunburn hack

13:09 Camping washing machine
More ideas for summer https://youtu.be/ju2JIppfBjg

Sienna Saari says:

If you need to hid your money in soap you have trust issues,I'm not trying to be racist at all but don't ruin a good hoodie or hairbrush and you should not sneak alcohol on to planes it is allegal

Polly Fun says:

0:50 when you are cold. Hi, hi. 😂

Lucie Lelková says:

Kdo je Čech dá like

tanı Sha says:

8:28 what if someone throws the diaper in the bin cause they it's dirty…that's risky

unicorn unicorn says:

Amazing hacks!!!!!!

Shambhavi Dalvi says:

Roses are red
Ketchup is too
I got a like…
But why is it blue?

Якутия Yakutia.com says:

The Coldest Inhabited Place on Earth: Oymyakon, – a temperature of −67.7°C (−90°F) recorded at the weather station. Maybe best not to visit mid-Winter where it averages -50°C (unless you are a polar bear)…

Gacha cookie lover says:

Who has duck tape with them while they’re hiking

Kitty Msp says:

12:51 just ask your kid to bring home a plastic spoon from school…

Leila Alston says:

So if some steal your phone they get 100$ to 🤔🤑

aulianda bahri says:

How to make alone in air plane

Elsa Thompson says:

People do all of this for show but will never do it in real life

I love Unicorns says:

But if you make a spoon from a plastic bottle then you have cuts on your tongue

Louisa 24 says:

Me: Whoops, I forgot a spoon for my yogurt

Friend: * Takes 20 mins to cut plastic bottle to make a flimsy spoon*

Me: I could have just gone back in the shop to get one…

anpxnmannn ̆ ̆ says:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Yay! I got a like!
But why is it blue?

Naveli Bansal says:

7:55 who would bring cookers in a trip

So Be says:

I am NOT putting a Benjamin Franklin in a soap bar.

CharaStar YT says:

4:53 Guys the phone is 420

ItsJustMe Sarah says:

0:53 me rolling up to school in winter be like

Judy Zamora says:

Good luck in removing rhat ducktape! 'Cauze that will hurt really bad!

Happy Miyachi says:

Who's here to watch cuzz they're excited to travel

Christina Reily says:

it didn't even work and I have to go to Houston for my friends birthday😡

Annika Hollo says:


erg 3hr24 says:

5 minute crafts is bad why did i just watch this what a waste of life

Sarah C. says:

Don't put ducktape on your feet it will just leave more pain, then just putting a bandaid on your heal so it doesn't rub but don't i reapeat don't put ducktape on your feat, it will possibly rip your skin and thats just worse than a rub on your heal, just put a bandaid on your heal or longer sockes to protect your heal.

Chloe Brueck says:

How many of you watch this show at night because they can’t fall asleep

debb poll says:

2:31 is a result of not properly packing the clothes. You do not need a belt to tie those clothes

Caitlin Xoxoxo says:

This is the amount of places they came up with to hide ur money

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