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28 Budget Travel Hacks When You're Broke AF

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You’re broke but you want to travel the world. This video is for you. Here’s how to travel the world on a budget. No matter if you’re a poor student or 30-years old and paying off a student loan or mortgage, you can travel the world, and these 28 budget travel hacks will help you. Subscribe for more: http://bit.ly/1258Cu2

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– Airport Guide: http://www.sleepinginairports.com

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Kristen & Siya says:

You're broke but you want to travel the world. This video is for you. Here's how to travel the world on a budget. No matter if you're a poor student or 30-years old and paying off a student loan or mortgage, you can travel the world, and these 28 budget travel hacks will help you. Subscribe for more travel hacks and tips: http://bit.ly/1258Cu2

Jose The Rover says:

What platinum card do you have?

Silas Booth says:

You can usually do the vpn trick just by changing the website ending, for example: norwegian.no instead of norwegian.com, and it still will give you a different price.

Christine Incardona says:

Thank you for making this video! I am subscribed. I look forward to your future vlogging endeveours! Your personality is great too.

Shantae Walker says:

Really enjoyed your vid!! I’m going to Amsterdam in a week, any awesome advise on local gems to explore while there? Thanks!

Tofu and Travel says:

these were actually great tips! I never really watch these videos anymore as i've traveled to a lot of places but i actually found these helpful! I just subscribed because of it! thanks for a great video!

Rain Zakaria says:

Belive it or not, Malaysia is the cheapest country for holiday in SE Asia. There are plenty of FREE busses take you to most of the tourists atraction. Good quality food in a comfortable food court for about €2.

Yu Toob says:

How can I give this a double like? The whirlpool clothes wash trick is mindblowing

Traveler TitliTV says:

These hacks are insanely helpful😍.. I m going to use this or even try to use them from now on .. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

ellaknor says:

Love thiss thank you!!

CookieCutter Vegan or Not. says:

Good God…I didn't know. Congratulations. First child? Have a good rest..

MediterrRR says:

Wondering…. Does using the VPN has the same results as using the incognito mode (for booking your flights).. or no?

Some Random Edgy Guy says:

"Dont go to Europe"? You've never been to Eastern Europe I suppose, that'll be some proper "budget"

That's What "i" Said says:

Sooo how do we go about getting a VPN? Or is it something you alter on your computer? How do we find out the prices from different locations? Thanks. 🙂

Josie Begger says:

Another travel hack is work for an airline and get flight benefits! Working for Skywest airlines is great because (depending the airport you work in) you can fly with united, delta, American and Alaska airlines. It saves so much money. Also don't be afraid travel when your broke I went to San Francisco last year with a bag of quarters as my spending money and had a blast, got a workout (from walking from pier 39 to the golden gate bridge), I found all sorts of cool stuff along the way and have a great story to tell people when I got home. Thanks for doing these videos there were a few hacks I didn't already know in here so thank you!

Bernice Bell says:

Hello i agree about the washing clothes bit i normally wash them in the sink but the jet bath thing is brillant never thought of the idea thank you

Dee Dee says:

Hey there, I am planning a trip to England to visit my cousin, then we are planning to hop on over to Ireland. What parts of Ireland would you recommend we see? I'll have 5-6 days & already looking into seeing the Giants Causeway and was thinking Galway and Belfast….? I'm debating on Dublin, idk…is it overrated & too touristy?

S Vita says:

Great info!
Question..what do you use/pay for health insurance while traveling for extended stays?

Ana Lessa says:

Hi Kristen, I'm going to stay in Seoul for 15 days, can you suggest any place to visit outside from the tourist zone much appreciate, I love your tips actually I did use a few. thanks

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