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$250 Flights to Europe: How to travel CHEAP as a college student

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This blog post is mostly focusing on how to find really cheap flights!:

Mainly tips on how to get CHEAP flights.1. If you’re a student you shouldn’t be paying $1000x to fly anywhere. Period. Student Universe is my #1 go to website for international flights. It’s 100% trustworthy and I am hardly ever disappointed.

2. If StudentUniverse doesn’t have any good deals, try Momondo. It’s my second go to and I have often found great deals on there. Just be sure that whatever site it directs you to is legitimate.

3. A neat trick to use is changing to the British website or to British currency for the site you use. For example, I often switch from StudentUniverse.comto StudentUniverse.co.uk. British people go on Holidays more than Americans. Their jobs do that for them. While in the U.S. having a break is a “luxury”. One time I found a flight from Edinburgh to San Antonio for $400+ on a British site, whereas on the American website it was $800+ for the same say and airline.

4. This is really important, actually it’s MOST IMPORTANT. USE connections and larger cities. If I were to fly from Corpus Christi, Texas to Edinburgh it would cost maybe $1500 MINIMUM. If your city is out of the way, find a way to get to a city with larger airport. That’s why I always fly from New York. I know I have an advantage because I am from there but instead of paying $1500, I drove to San Antonio. I’m flying from there to NY ($183) and then from NY to Manchester ($266). From Manchester I can easily take a train or Megabus (£24). In total I have spent under $500.

5. Just because you buy a flight last minute doesn’t mean it’s going to be more expensive. Most fail to realize that when a trip is inching close, airlines will drop to stupid prices to sell seats. I literally just bought an international flight for $250 two days from departure. What does that tell you?


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theLiciaMarieshow says:

I flew to China for $597

MadMan says:

Google flights is best.

Blake Morton says:

talk too damn slow could barely keep up without falling asleep

Sam Mcwindy says:

There is no Bungalow, Tx..

Cheezer says:

This was so helpful, thanks!

Va Chier says:

Holy shit you know absolutely nothing about travel

Darlene Saintil says:

why doesn't this video have more views?

Dennis Mitchell says:

just tried MoMANDO ! ! WOW — $200 less then skyscanner nyny to manchester !

Dennis Mitchell says:

please put the resources in the drop down –

–one was AMANDO –that I dont know about

but will research

and there were a few others–

-this detailing of information will get more attention to your efforts—-

details are EXTREMELY important as you probably know—I am retired and want to get youtube busy as I also have some broad ideas and goals—

I think the information you have to share is very very marketable as so many people are now travelling--as you know-

—I have nothing to sell other then advice and support == and it's free ! (just like your youtube video)

Dennis Mitchell says:

congratulations on needed service –I agree –most just are ignorant about how to find the best way and how to work for better ways- ignorance is costly—-knowledge is valuable-

Dennis Mitchell says:

views ! ! ! —coming

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