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24 Hours in Lanzarote With 3 Kids | Family Travel Vlog

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We have family fun in the sun at an all-inclusive resort in Lanzarote. 6 years after 24 hours with a newborn baby, comes 24 hours in Lanzarote with 3 Kids. We did our first all inclusive holiday staying at the Grand Castillo Tagoro where we had lots of family fun swimming in the pools, on the slides and eating lots of yummy food. Follow us on our family adventures and vacations by subscribing to How To Be A Dad http://bit.ly/28OuCTy

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How To Be A Dad is a family vlogging channel where we share our family fun and travel experiences together as well as pregnancy, baby and birth videos.


CC101 Productions says:

I’ve been there twice I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anybody!!

Tad Kratzer says:

Molly has grown so much!

Coraline Hudson says:

You're an amazing dad, I'm myself now a grown women, one day your kid will look after you the way you look after them❤️ your kids are lucky to have time and love from you, my dad doesn't but I know he tried his best for me, my sisters and mom. Cherish time with your kids, they grow up fast, that's what my parents say 🙂

3Topics says:

24 hours with a new born baby y'all made that 7 years ago

Sierra Ackler says:

Do the kids ever cling onto dads leg as he walks? Lol you should video that, that'd be so funny! Love your channel 🙂

Andrés Báez says:

Great Video!

Tennis Player says:

congrats to the family! You are all handsome

Cool4life says:

it looks nice there

GetLostwithJohnny says:

Looks like alot of fun 😀

Ashleigh Pyke says:

How old is Mollie

Rocio Martinez Z. says:

love your family, i listened a song in spanish, (chevere) means cool i think is important meet another languages, grettings from Peru, if someday visit Peru your loved the food, sorry my english is to bad.

Adriana Rivera says:

Molly is so cute how old is she now

Vittor Lima says:


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