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18 Best Travel Destinations of 2018 | Where to Travel This Year!

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Where should YOU TRAVEL in 2018? Watch this video and find out! We share the 18 Best Travel destinations of 2018.

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Brad Gudim says:

Travel is an awesome product and service to promote.


Vipin Kumar says:

Hi Vagabrothers In indonesia u may plan visit to Sumatra Island too its famous for 1-Rainforest and Orangutan, 2-Lake Toba (it was supervolcano) 3- Can visit some active volcano like Gunung Sibayak , 4- Piso Piso Waterfall

josephine wabuu says:

Am so excited for this year. I have ticked one or two from the list! This is the year to travel

In between Lattes says:

So inspiring! We are a couple that just started vlogging – learning so much from you guys

Chelsea M says:

You guys should visit St. Lucia 🇱🇨❤️
(Google it)

Galexy Far Far Away says:


miguel vallejo says:

Not sure why you haven’t been in colombia! It’s receiving more ans more tourism everyday! It’s such a beautiful country!

meh says:

I watched the Rajasthan videos before this. Liked the cinematography of all videos! Happy to hear your plans top visit again later this year. I am excited to move back to India and spend some time travelling.

Patrick Markson says:

Greasiest moustache ever

Milan Tančik says:

Heads up! The fortress footage used for Belgrade is actually the Petrovaradin fortress, home of one of the best music festivals in Europe – 'EXIT'. The fortress is situated in Novi Sad, the second largest city in Serbia, around 50 miles north of the capital. Belgrade has a similar kind of fortress too, so I get how you might have confused the 2.

Ashish Patidar says:

i strongly recommend motorcycle trip to ladakh.. just be safe cause it's notoriously dangerous road! would love to see your VR movie of northern India, including Bhutan as well. And your cinematography is so awesome.. keep it up guys 👍

Jessica Fletcher says:

Some great ideas! I’m thinking of exploring closer to home this year and love some of the Europe destinations you’ve mentioned! Thanks

Steve the San Diego Adventurer says:

You two brothers are awesome and inspiring. Just found your channel on YouTube last night and watched 12 of your episodes. I am addicted and just wish I had started traveling as early and as often as you have, when I was young. I had a lot of 90-hour work weeks in my life and too many responsibilities. Love your energy when you two voice your experiences of travel! Your energy is contagious and is what I have tried to instill in my brother, sister, cousins, 5 nieces and 5 nephews. We are very happy to travel together and connect at a deeper level each time we do. I will recommend your channel to all my relatives and friends that already have the wanderlust for travel. And, more importantly, those who need to develop a wanderlust will get a special email from me imploring them to watch your channel.
Your list is so right on point. I travel to learn about art, architecture, other people, other governments and cultures. It restores me, gives me energy and enriches my life. The traveling friends I have developed over the years are awesome. Your 2018 list adds 8 more places for me to visit. I have been very fortunate to have already been to 10 of the 18 on your 2018 list. All of those 10 locations have made my life richer with friends, perspectives, openness to points of view, knowledge and just all-around happiness.
So many people need your recommendation of Bhutan right now. I will tell you why. I just spent a week in Bhutan during November 2017 and would highly recommend it at the top of my favorites of the 84 countries and territories that I have visited. I refuse compensation for my recommendations and speak from my heart. And, I can most highly recommend my guide and driver. If you want a special adventure in Bhutan, hire my guide Thinley Norbu, his uncle is a Buddhist Master and helped raise him well. Thinley, has a college degree and knows all the answers to my hundreds of questions about the history, art, architecture, government and culture of Bhutan. He also is a devout Buddhist and a wonderful young man. His email is unbornthinley@gmail.com
Thinley and my driver, Kenley Norbu (not relatives, but both with the family name of Norbu) were the best guide and driver I could ever imagine. For all 7 days I was catered to better than on a 6-star cruise ship. The cost for Bhutan is between US$200 and $250 per day based on when you go. This financial commitment is required to get a Bhutan visa. However, the cost is a bargain, because it is practically all-inclusive. It includes: your visa, a nice SUV or car, entrance to countless dzongs, temples, museums, hiking, hotels, breakfasts, lunches dinners and the guide and a driver from sunrise to well past sunset.
Bhutan is rural, mountainous, rustic and its peoples and views are inspiring! The inns and hotels, even in its Capital, are lacking by Western standards, but Bhutan is an Amazingly Happy country and that happiness is contagious too. It is wonderful to feel so much happiness. I had a very very rough 2017, and Bhutan is just what I needed to help me make 2018 better. You will get a kick out of the Divine Madman’s teachings and you will get a good giggle in all the villages when you see his teachings adopted and put into place. Buddhist teachings are so very helpful during health crises, horrible bosses, and love loss. So, GO TO BHUTAN! It will make you so happy! Gross National Happiness is a Real Thing.

Lucia Villasenor says:

Thank you for include Oaxaca into this video! Que viva México 🇲🇽 and keep travel the world, one of your mexican fans💕

S Dragneel says:

I'll be going to Nepal next year!

roseline bacalhau says:

Namibia is south west africa which is a country on its own! Just as South Africa is a country on its own! Get your facts right! The coast is nice but why don’t you tell them to explore the bush-veld which is just as amazing as the coast if not better! 🤗

Travel with Panchi says:

I will so try to make it to all these places! Thanks a lot guys

Ransel Traveller says:

Indonesia and Indonesia

Run The Atlas says:

Cheers to Oaxaca! Loveeeee Oaxaca.

Sandra Salóme says:

Some advice from an Estonian living in Bulgaria. If you go for a vacation in Belgrade, check out all the neighboring countries as well!
For example Kosovo has also an amazing nightlife, the people are extremely welcoming and the country overall exeeded all of my expectations. From the capital Pristina head to Prizren, the cultural capital of Kosovo. It's an extremely beautiful town with Turkish influence. There are mountains on all sides and it's full of quirky hipster bars, restaurants and cafes. In the summer they host a film festival called Docfest, so tourists from all over Europe and the world gather together.
They use Euro in Kosovo and trust me, the prices are low! If you do go however, make sure to take out cash before actually going there because they charge 5€ commission on every withdrawal (learned it through the hard way) and it's about the same amount when you exchange it. Also keep in mind that you can go to Kosovo from Serbia but not vice versa, so you'd have to go through Macedonia and Bulgaria or through Albania and Montenegro to go back to Serbia. Oh! When you do go to Kosovo, in Pristina I recommend staying in Han Hostel, where I met the most brilliant people ever and I just loved the vibes. In Prizren stay in M99, the hosts will be more than happy to share their thoughts on Kosovo being a country, on its history and they will make you feel so-so welcomed. Honestly, I have never stayed in better hostels than the ones I stayed in Kosovo. Send them regards from me. <3
When in Macedonia, go to Skopje. In 2014 they completely rebuilt the capital and it's looking very… interesting. You can see palm trees by a river, that cost 2000€ and that die every year in the winter because it's just not the right climate for palm trees, so the government always buys new ones. You'll see boats in the river that have been made into restaurants. There are statues EVERYWHERE. There are buildings inspired by the Greeks, by Turks and whatnot. It kind of feels surreal to walk around. It's like a paper city. Still, worth a visit.
From Skopje head South to Ohrid, one of the oldest and deepest lakes in the world. It is definetly my number one place to go to in Macedonia and so far it's one of my favorite places in the Balkans overall. The town is a charming small town packed with tourists every summer. From the lake you can already see Albania, as part of the lake belongs to it. So why not take a car, drive 20 minutes and then head to Albania. Sadly I haven't been able to make it to Albania yet, but it's in my list for the next 5 months.
Balkans are full of amazing nature and undiscovered places. Not to mention that it's so cheap next to the other European countries. It's a world on its own. Plus the food! Oh, the food! I'm not a fan of Bulgarian food but Macedonians and Serbs know how to do it! And hey, it's all so close by, so why not go on a full Balkan trip.
PS! Don't miss out on Romania, Greece and Turkey either. 😉

Linda Garcia says:

OMG thank you so much to mention the Dominican Republic as one of your next destination!!

Said Dias says:

Which camera use you in the video ??

Sulaiman Al Maqbali says:

I recommend Oman as a tourist destination in winter.

ALoúkInYourEyes says:

You guys are so great, thank you soo much you both have a really clear and humble way of communicating things you have learnt from a country's history to reasons why we should visit these places. It makes me genuinely annoyed that you don't have more subscribers. When i travel its never been with the top 10 tourist points, i like to go off the grid and i love that you do too, its the only way to feel the country in its unique self. Bless you guys.。。*。。*。⁎•。✧*:.。⁎☾∞⁎。∞*✧☽*✧*☾∞:*✧⁎•。✧*:.。⁎☾∞⁎。∞*✧☽。。∞☽☾。✧*:. ∞⁎⋆•。。。*。⁎•。✧*:.。⁎☾∞⁎。∞*✧☽*✧*。⁎•。✧*:.。⁎☾∞⁎。∞*✧☽*✧*☾∞:*✧⁎•。✧*:.。⁎☾∞⁎。∞*✧☽。。∞☽☾。✧*:. ∞⁎⋆•。

DL says:


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