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17 Air Travel Tips

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In which Hank imparts some wisdom that he has gained through the last four years of getting on planes once every four months. An act that, to be clear, makes my carbon footprint so dramatically higher than average that I am deeply embarrassed by my own life.


Kishore Shenoy says:

I have a problem with going through the detectors.

Since I am a metalhead

Julie Hasler says:

There is Southwest

Annabells says:

What about during? Can you use your phone? Or do I need it on airplane mode? Not even sure what airplane mode is. I've been on a plane a couple times but this was over a decade ago when phones werent a big thing, and not to mention i was like 12.

Ward Huyskes says:

Wait you don't get more food than that? American flights suck!

katerinafaith says:

Hank, I have to pack myself for six months to one year, help! That includes a harsh winter and probably some storm as well

Lauren Chin says:

went through tsa they asked me do you have anything in your pockets? my response: I am wearing girl pants they have no pockets. they laughed: I was in a small airport

Damagineer314 says:

For tip #10, that unfortunately does not apply for southwest airlines where you do have to get in line due to their open seating system.


I'm going on a trip for 2 months

Julia Mansour says:

I loved how he said #15????

Belen Garcia says:

"Get out of There is one artery and if you're clogging it everyones going to die"??

Omni0404 says:

Why would John want a room next to Hank? Maybe he wanted to hear an abundance of Katherine.

Chris Ng says:

I am actually reading The Fault In Our Stars right now
found a Hanklerfish
it's from the library
what a posh library

bandgeek9723 says:

Flew commercially for the first time by myself recently. Got one of those biscuit cookie things on one of my flights. They were pretty good! Also, this video helped me prepare, so thanks.

Magalí Iglesias Barenys says:

what the hell is wrong with security in the usa??

Douglas Rau says:

So I flew to Memphis this past February, and if I may humbly add some things, not to step on Hank's toes but just to be helpful: A) If you get through security and you have one of those rollie bags (like Hank showed), they will give you a tag to put on it and then they can take it and put it elsewhere on the plane. This is AWESOME because you don't have to worry about paying for checking a bag, or that bag being put on the wrong plane and you end up in Tennessee and your clothes end up in Alaska, looking for you (see what I did there?). You also don't have to worry about lifting a somewhat heavy bag above your head into the overhead compartment. BUT I noticed like 95% of these bags are black and when you are lined up in the tunnel thing that connects the gate to the plane and you're in the back of that line, every black bag looks the same. So if you can buy a rollie bag that is red or yellow, you're ahead of the game. B) If you're going to be traveling a lot, the smaller the laptop you can travel with, the better. I got stuck in Newark International for HOURS once (delayed coming out of Memphis, missed a connecting flight, had to way for a van to take me to Allentown, PA), and I had my heavy, 17.5 inch computer on my arm and at the end of hours, my shoulder was ready to fall off. And of course, in the world we live in, leaving your stuff sitting somewhere is completely not an option. So now I have a lovely 11.6'' screen laptop that, when it is in its bag and on my arm, weighs like nothing. Well, it's weighs 5 lbs which might as well be nothing. It's beautiful. Does it have all the bells and whistles of my other one? No, but it has enough, it does the basic computer things for when I travel.

lalilulelo says:

I would love to have a job that lets me travel a lot that eventually I'm in first class.

Luann Nelson says:

Do a great many fans have rheumatoid arthritis? I am getting seriously tired of these ads for RA drugs.

David Dennetiere says:

Reading divergent, Hank, come on, you kinda forgot to be awesome there…

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