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16 Affordable Place To Travel If You Are Broke

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Narrated by : Darren Marlar

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therockkkkher says:

Fuck America, raising rent and dont give one shit about people that work real jobs that are the hardest. One day you will pay.

Davido Star says:


Ann T says:

This is for rich people,cant afford this lol

BigBoSS says:

Just the plane ticket to go on most of this places should cost around 1200$ 2 way ticket

Mario manurung says:

Where the hug?

tradingisawayoflife says:

So cool you get to travel! I'm making videos in Alaska, ever been to Alaska?

Colbyyy says:

i have air pods

julieartemova says:

I hate this video! how the heck do you get to this "cheep" places. the plane tickets from US are up to $3000. Most affordable my ass…

John C. says:

South korea is definitely not cheap. Food in Seoul for example is more expensive than NYC

Amanda Lee says:

Lol they are right you should travel to Arizona I live here in arizona and it’s awesome!! I’m so happy I live in one of these top 16 people places I feel special 😂😂😂😂

saranya selvaraj says:

Oh flight charges are too high for me

Magda says:

I’m from Lisbon. If you’re “broke” or low on cash and still want to have a small vacation abroad for celebrations/holidays etc, Crete is not that dirt cheap! And neither are most tourist-y cities in Spain.

Destin Parker says:

fleedeals.com is the way to go you guys. They have the best and cheapest deals you can find on the internet. I've been able to travel much more these past couples of months because of it.

Sharmila Devi says:

fuck no #1 is totally fucking wrong

Katie Kat says:

New Zealand?? Are you kidding? And Auckland of all places? No it's not cheap, not at all. I've been to New Zealand (especially Auckland) twice and I'm going again in a couple years. And trust me when I say that it ain't cheap.

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