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15 BEST TIPS to do Las Vegas CHEAP

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Take a luxury LAS VEGAS vacation on a budget with our tricks for getting free rooms, drinks, & comps!

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Get free Las Vegas hotel rooms, free buffets, free shows, and other comps with game apps like Wynn and MyVegas.


1. Wynn Slots (Mobile App)
2. MyVegas Facebook game
3. MyVegas Blackjack (Mobile)
4. MyVegas (Mobile)
5. MyKonami (Mobile)
6. POP! Slots (Mobile)

Wynn Slots will get you free Wynn rooms, and we think this is the best app for getting a free room on the Las Vegas strip. They’re totally free—you don’t even have to pay the resort fees. Currently, free rooms are the only comp’d thing you can get from Wynn right now, unlike MyVegas.

#2-6 are all MyVegas games which will get you free or discounted things at MGM-owned hotels and their partners.


When playing Wynn Slots or the MyVegas games, only play when there are “events” or “quests” going on. If you complete various tasks during these events, you win bonus chips which help to ensure that you never deplete your bankroll and need to purchase more. Manage your bankroll with our rule: Never bet more than 1/500 of your total chips at a time.


A great thing about Las Vegas is that you’ll get free drinks while gambling. Some of our favorite places to play are Aria, The Cosmopolitan, Bellagio, The Cromwell, Wynn, and Encore.


Caesars Rewards is the best casino loyalty program to get free rooms for your future stays. Even budget travelers like us can get free nights at the low/mid-end Caesars properties like Flamingo, Planet Hollywood, Rio, Harrah’s, Paris, and Bally’s.

For the casinos to offer you free stays, they look at how much money they expect to make off of you each day. For example, if you pull the lever on a $1 slot machine 1,000 times a day, that means “$1,000 coin-in” was put through the machine. On slots, they expect to pay out about $900 on that $1,000 coin-in, so their expected win is $100.

If you want the best free stays, you’ll want to get your “expected daily loss” as high as possible. To do that, make sure you play at the same casino (or same company) the entire day.

WARNING: Even though you can get free hotel stays by playing penny slots (like we do), NEVER play just for that purpose. Never gamble more than you’re willing to lose.

We ONLY do low-limit gambling, and we do it so we don’t have to pay for drinks in Las Vegas. Plus, it can be pretty fun. Don’t forget to put your loyalty card into the machine before playing, otherwise, you won’t get credit!


1. Look at the flower displays at the Wynn
2. Walk through the Canal Shoppes at Venetian
3. See the nightly volcano show at the Mirage
4. See the hourly fountain show at Bellagio
5. Visit the rotating flower display at the Bellagio Conservatory
6. Walk through the many themed hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.


Aside from getting comps and discounts through the MyVegas apps, don’t forget to check Groupon for Las Vegas deals. Before you purchase one, sign up for Ebates so you can get cash back. I’ve earned over $700 back so far. Get a $10 bonus: https://www.ebates.com/r/JORDAN5160?eeid=28187


We think the best value buffet on the strip is Cravings at Mirage. They also offer big military discounts. If you don’t like buffets, the next best option is Uber Eats. They have rotating deals for free delivery and the prices are better than anything you can find on the strip.


Book directly and charge everything to your room. This gets you the most points toward the casino loyalty program and you also have an opportunity to get those things comp’d based on your gambling. Before checking out, call the casino host on duty. Ask if they can remove anything from your bill. Maximize comps by doing as much gambling at your hotel as possible.


Find the best machines at vpfree2.com and download a free app to help you learn perfect strategy. Plus, you get those free drinks and loyalty points at the same time!

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Going to Vegas in September thnx for the tips!!!

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Loving your channel! New here. Going to Vegas soon.

not me says:

I like that myVegas slots lets me put on the autospin and i can just set my phone down and do household chores in the meantime

Jacob says:

Have you guys stayed at the Aria? How does it compare to other hotels?

Papeeshka says:

How does uber eats get to your Wynn/encore room? There is always security at the elevator banks.

Acme Racing says:

The Pinball Hall of Fame and Museum is fun and cheap. Proceeds go to the Salvation Army. The Atomic Testing Museum is cheap, and interesting. The fountain show at Bellagio is free, and many other casinos have free shows. We hardly gamble at all and we wouldn't get any comps, but we still know where to find lots of freebies. Television City at the MGM will give you coupons for participating in test screenings.

shadow bonbon says:

What about shopping? Clothing, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, swim suits, souvenirs, toys, ABC stores or liqour etc etc……
Any tips or comps on shopping?

shadow bonbon says:

Thank you for the comps… Great ideas.
Do you have comps for any other cities? Wynn hotel looks so nice. Can you use them in Wynn hotels in other places?

Martin Laursen says:

All great tips.

Biff Jones says:

#16 download the hotel apps. You might get discounts sent to your phone for food or shows. I've been to Las Vegas over 70 times in the last 40 years and you two have done a nice job on your videos. I didn't see anything that I thought needed correcting.

peter blandings says:

i'll refrain from stating the obvious, but holy GOODNESS!!

TweetMeVegas says:

This is Great Guys! How about a roving tour of the Station Casinos ? These are off strip Resorts.

Brian Taylor says:

I’m only here to see if there is another bikini bull riding video. Lol

Bobbie Bustos says:

Great tips. Additional cost saving tip for Military / Veterans sign up for the M Life card and you are automatically upgraded to Pearl that gives you FREE parking at all hotels owned by MGM. It also gives a discount on rooms.

PZ says:

My eyes were glued to her rack. Nice boobs babe

Travis Wolf says:

how many gems on that Wynn app or needed to get a 1 night room? I would like to get 7 or 8 days… how many gems will I need to earn?

RanOutaNames says:

Nice job with your videos, keep up the good work.

Michael Bailey says:

I like your videos guys, great tips!! Now I have a gambling tip for you. You say you play video poker which is fine but the best games to potentially win at and with the best odds are Blackjack and what I love to play…Craps. You can win pretty good money in a short amount of time if you play smartly and bet conservatively and press your bets. Just a thought, keep on travelin and having fun 😉

Kaitlyn Fritz says:

I just went to vegas last week and the only tips i would add are to look up/be aware of the happy hours for the bars in or near your hotel before you go. We stayed at the Flamingo and the bird bar had a 50 cent beer happy hour from 5-6 that you can take advantage of if you know about it.

Also with the clubs, we did a club crawl through Sin City Club Crawls where you get into 3 different clubs (awesome if you’ve never been and want to explore the options) plus free drinks on the party bus that takes you to all the clubs. On their website its about $80/person but through their groupon we got it for half that. If you want to go club hopping and want to avoid the covers it was a great service. (The first club we went to would have been $100 total cover for my bf and I). Plus if you get to a club and want to stay, you can. Drai’s had Pauly D performing and Hakkassan had Steve Aoki and we could have just stayed to see their performances if we wanted and we got in within 10 min to each club

All in all very interesting video I wish i had watched it before we went for the rewards card stuff!

Cindy Hutchison says:

You guys are great thank you. We are old people 50ish and are going for our 1st time next week. Thank you for putting the time into helping us save money! ❤❤❤

Harvey H says:

Reminder.. Free drinks, but tip the server at least $1. Free buffet? Leave a tip too!

Victor V says:

You can still book the cheaper room by using Redtag or whatever. Then just charge everything to your room like food and shopping. Unless you're some super high rolling baller, you won't be earning your entire stay for free. But you can get a bunch knocked off your bill with your gambling comps. You're unlikely to get comped enough to make up for the double price you pay for your hotel room by booking direct. So booking direct with the hotel makes no sense at all from a budget perspective.

Gwen Ammons says:

We went to vegsa on decmber 217 have fune but when you meat carture. You you suppose give then doller we have good time

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Lol 9:53 forgot the vdara

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What do you guys do for a living?

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You two are wonderful…THANK YOU!

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