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14 Best Summer Travel Destinations to Visit in 2018

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This extensive list shows the 14 best summer travel destinations in the world. Alex and Marko, the Vagabrothers give you pro budget travel tips on what to do in the best summer travel destinations!

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Whether you’re looking for insanely affordable budget travel destinations or want to experience the best that summer has to offer, here’s the 14 best summer travel destinations to visit now in 2018. Don’t forget to leave your tips in the comments sections and upvote this video on Reddit!

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If you want to know where to travel, how to travel on a budget and which countries are the cheapest destinations in the world, then Vagabrothers is the travel channel you’ve been looking for!

This video shares the best places to travel this summer of 2018, from Spain to Mongolia, Argentina to Indonesia, Berlin to Turkey and everywhere in between.

Whether you’re looking for sun and beaches, mountains and nature, or the best cities to visit now, our channel will help you find it. We’ll also help inspire you to be a travel minimalist, show you how to pack for backpacking in Europe, Asia and South America and give you travel tips, hacks and advice for your next big adventure!

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vagabrothers says:

TELL US WHERE YOU WANT TO GO THIS SUMMER!!! Make sure you're subscribed with notifications enabled so you don't miss any new videos! Stay curious, keep exploring and we will see you on the road!

Kristy notes says:

I thought you would include Kenya on the list. It is affordable for those in Europe and the States. And, the weather is great!

Beatrice Arie says:

Omg I’m so proud that Borneo is in the list!!!

Gizem Melissa Müsellim says:

It's actually very sad that people think that Turkey is dangerous.
As in now Turkey is extreamly safe espacially around Medditerrian costs.
Don't be scared or hesitate to come becuse you will literally have the best time while you are here.

Tyson Schultz says:

I officially don't trust them anymore. They said we should go to Tijuana

Suren Dias says:

Sri Lanka 🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰

AgaExon says:

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Boris Johnson says:

Does he live with his brother?

Shivani SEO says:

Time for Wildlife Tour explore visit here for more info and offer: http://corbettresort.in/

DinksterDaily says:

Cruise in Norway? Im afraid I'm not a Billionaire

André lorenceau says:

need a best place for solo trip episode. got Money, no job, time, no gf! help!

The Backpacking Family says:

You guys are SOOOO good I almost dont like you … 😉 #vlogginggoals !

Matilde Ullis Kvammen says:

Bro no you didn't pronounce it right hahah! But come to Norway and I'll teach you! I live in between the mountains and fjords in Sogn og Fjordane, the most beautiful county in Norway!

levi kater says:

I'm planning a trip for a month to Cuba. Really curious

Σταύρος Τσαπάρας says:

A "Boston" video would be cool.


Love your vlogs!

Milly Kulish says:

South coast of Crimea

Blue White says:

Nature & Adventure – The great outdoors:
1. 1:36 The Pyrenees
2. 3:01 Western Norway
3. 3:53 Southern Alps, New Zealand
4. 4:45 Ecuador
5. 5:18 Serengeti

Beach Destinations:
6. 6:25 Turquoise Coast, Turkey
7. 7:53 Sri Lanka
8. 8:56 Borneo

Arts & Culture:
9. 9:44 Mongolia
10. 10:30 Argentina
11. 11:24 Papua New Guinea

Food & Drink:
12. 12:09 Galicia
13. 13:11 Berlin
14. 14:12 Baja California

Summarised says:

Heading to Istanbul this summer!

gabb farrugia says:

Bari italy is my summer holiday destination 🇮🇹

wkyken says:

Prague. If you do your homework, prices can be cheap, and it's good for both culture and food.

TaskuTV says:

Aga kui sa ei oska inglise keelt
Ja sa ei saa kuhugile reisida
Kuna sa oskad ainult oma kodu keelt eesti keelt,mida siis peab tegema??

Tamang Hanok says:

you should add nepal alsoo

Austin Pierce says:

Come to Georgia! I’m there now and Tbilisi, Kazbegi, and Svaneti are sooo pretty. It gets chilly in the summer so it’s probably the best time!

Joywar Rzv says:

can you make one of this but for ppl from europe?

Vishant And Natasha says:



Hope this puts a smile on someone's face 😊👌

Alfred Hertzberg says:

How would you rate Taormina, Sicily? Going there this summer but haven't seen any videos about it

OspreyBravo18 says:

Don't spend money in Turkey if you can help it. Do your research on how they support terrorism.

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