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12 Airport Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know | Brooklyn and Bailey

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What are some life hacks that can make your stay at the airport, especially during travel layovers, so much easier? Here are 12 Airport Hacks that every girl should know before getting on an airplane!

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We filmed this video last summer, over about three trips we made, so we had enough time to get all these shots for you! Everybody is always looking for the best travel tips, easy ways to simplify stressful times in our lives.

I am not sure anyone truly believes that airports can be fun, so you have to find or create your own tips and tricks!

How do you help stop your ears from plugging up during takeoff and landing? We have a tip for that! How do you manage multiple suitcases at once? We have tip for that! Which line at the security gate do you take? We have a tip for that, and many more!

These tips can be for anyone from all ages… from moms, to fathers, brothers, sisters, teens, little kids, and grandparents!

Please comment below with your favorite of these 12 Airport Hacks, and include any new ones we should have included!

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Amanda Asal says:

Thank you so much Brooklyn and Bailey, you help me so much with these airplane hacks. In fact, I am traveling this Saturday.

Maria Johnson says:

Their lashes😍

Asha Rainbow says:

Flying for the first time ever on Monday ! Today's Saturday kinda exited 😩 going to Malaga and staying in the villa

Caitlin Morris says:

Why are American water bottles always so tiny

How to Hack says:

Thank you!!!!!!! This helped me so much!!!!

Narges Afzali says:

Please do a packing video

Madeleine Flesch says:

Hey, when you were filming the parking thing was that at Newark Airport??? And the suitcase one too. I live like 20 mins away from their. Does anyone know where that was??

twdfreak says:

Currently waiting 4 months so I can go to Brisbane and I don't think I can wait any longer I'm gonna explode!!! I love travelling❤️

Caitlin Ashworth says:

I just realised this vid was posted 4 days after meh bday {12th Jan}

Falis Chika says:

They filmed it at Salt Lake City International Airport haha I know MOST of the international airports

Softball Queen says:

I am watching this after my first plane ride and this was in my watch later😭Why am I stupid

Lush Monica says:

I currently feel very sorry for the people sitting in front/behind your siblings on the plane due to playing catch with the ball.

Ahad Ikram says:

Thanks 🙏 if you do it

Ahad Ikram says:

Brooklyn and Baily pls do a video on when you go on a trip in s car 🚗 because I am going to SC Parris Island to see my brother he is at boot camp for the marines pls make a video so I know what to do and what to bring

Tolakuri Hise says:

girls your eyes are goals! btw it was useful video THANKS

Annabelle Cole Sprouse says:

the guy at 2:00 wants you to go right

L's World says:

#1 and #2. #I'm a kid
#3 i can't talk my mum into that
#4 i know Cause i know
Not hating 🙂
Also I'm going in 2 days and have to get up at 4:00. My flight I'd at 8. Wish me luck!

Ava's World says:

I'm traveling in about 9 days so I needed to whatch this!😀👍🏻🍩🐶🦄😋

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