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11 INSANELY AFFORDABLE Budget Travel Destinations to VISIT NOW

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Travel now with these 11 INSANELY AFFORDABLE Budget Travel Destinations to VISIT NOW!!!

#1: Vietnam – 0:51
#2: india – 2:03
#3: russia – 3:18
#4 mongolia – 4:12
#5 china – 6:17
#6 thailand – 8:29
#7 venezuela – 9:39
#8 colombia – 11:36
#9 bolivia – 12:54
#10 cambodia – 14:24
#11 new york city – 15:36

now, travel now πŸ™‚


luciamelie says:

Come to Argentina πŸ‡¦πŸ‡·!!

oedipusvv says:

OMG this makes me want to get get up from my desk quit my job and travel to thiland !

Lucas Mella says:

Bobby, you should definitely come to Argentina, or maybe you already did haha. Love your videos and i'll continue watching from all the way down here.

Dan Klein says:

Something tells me ur gonna blow up bc every video is so entertaining haha

Ken Park says:

I love this channel i'm here due to Brett Conti
I'm planning a huge trip in four and half month so every tips is extremly intresting πŸ˜€

Ma Nam Jeff says:

Plane tickets aren’t cheap tho

GAproductions says:

How handicap accessible are these places?

GAproductions says:

With none of these you didn't mention air travel to get to these places

YVNG RAM says:

Hey man i love your videos im a new sub but i watched all of your recent videos, i want to move out to new york later when i grow up and watching your videos influences me to be able to make money and pursue my youtube career because of all the opportunities out there , i kind of want to do gaming and vlogs like yours ! But i realize the biggest problem for me moving out there is the cost any tips of having enough money to live out there (besides a roommate because im going to do that lol) you became a role model to me and makes me want to do more on my youtube channel ‼️

Swag's says:

They might be cheap places but first you have to pay the 500$ plane ticket

Samer 28 says:

On to this one now… Great video!

Alex emolas says:

Loving the vids bro keep it up

jonathan lopez says:

Love your videos man your my new free Favorite youtuber because of your personality and your dedication to your videos keep up the good work Would love you follow me on Instagram at jonnymade2003 you would make my year

EniGmaXz says:

Man i Love the time you put into the videos keep up the good work

Abdiel Wong says:

Hi Bobby, i recenlty start watching your videos, IΒ΄m from Panama and will be going NYC for work for about 3 days by the end of october, hopefully can see the China Town and some good things in NYC,

Amelia Rose says:

Bring me along !

mrspaperwhite says:

New sub from me, love your content ❀

Dribs says:

Sub you are really entertaining and just gave good energy, you should have more subs πŸ™‚

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