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11 FREE/CHEAP Things To Do In MILAN | Italy On A Budget Travel Guide 🇮🇹

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Here are 11 free/cheap things to do in Milan, Italy! Italy can be a pretty expensive city to visit in Europe, however Milan offers a lot of budget friendly activities for budget travellers and backpackers!

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PsychoTraveller says:

What is your #1 thing to do in Milan? 🙂

melissaraseeful says:

Good video..what to wear in italy during spring time? Can anyone suggest? Will be helpful for me to pack for my vacation in end of march..

Junaid Ashraf says:

You help me?

Junaid Ashraf says:

I love Milano and my hobby Milano job but my father is death 😢and no money but I like Milano 👍

Adib Varghaei says:

I don’t drink alcohol, can you still do the apperitivo?

Anthony Kernich says:

5:25 – looking pretty tired, but nowhere near as tired as I was in America

Got up at 4am for a 6am flight in 2 legs to LAX, then a day of exploring and 4 hour Dodgers game to finish it off. 36 hours straight and almost falling asleep standing up lol

milanoneroblu says:

you have not visited many wonrderfull things in Milano. San Maruzio al Monstero Maggiore, San Bernardino alle ossa, Santa Maria del Carmine, Sant'Alessandro, Brera district, Cimitero Monumentale, Arco della Pace..

Meagan Precourt says:

The turtles cracked me up 😂🐢

giuseppe bellesi says:

After aperitivo you were drunk im sure 😂😂😂

Cristiana Rob says:

Thanks for the recommendations! I'm heading to Milan tonight and your video just made me even more excited!

redewaan josias says:

hi, contact details of your host. which area did you stay in?

Meta M says:

I live in Milan for decades and your take of the city is really cool. Very nice and smooth and true. Thank you.

asmita sedahi says:

How did you go around milan? Conveyance??? Pls tell about cheapest and safest conveyance option everytime you post about going around any city. It wud be of great help. 👍🏼

Alina Cat says:

Whats the name of the restaurant where you can get the buffet? 🙂

Jed George says:

wait a second, 14 E for airport bus roundtrip? I heard there is one with 3 euros one way. Was this a private one or that 3 E one doesn't even exist? ( Bergamo )

Elly-Grace Rinaldis says:

Really loved this video! Been living here for a few months and you showed it off so well. Navilgi is my favourite part of Milan for sure! xx

Dream Came True says:

Aahhh it's not bread it's focaccia!! Italian teens literally eat it all the time

ConnollyCove says:

Like always great video!!!! 🙂

Living Free Forever - Melody & Ric Schafer says:

Milan looks AMAZING! We finally did it! Sold the house, traveled USA for 2 months and crossed the pond a little closer to you….in Ireland. Some call it a mid-life crisis but we call it an adventure of a lifetime. Now, if we can only keep it going. You had mentioned in one of your other videos about slow travel. I can't agree more. I have learned sooooo much from you and if you have been one of my inspirations to full-time travel so I want to say thank you. hugs

Heidi HOW TO says:

thank you, your videos are so honest and entertaining

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