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Travel Vlog Iv is a travel and food video channel. I’m Ivana, nice to meet you! You’ll find travel and food videos on this channel because I like to take you along while exploring the world. These videos hopefully make you excited to travel and eat food around the world as well. There’s such a joy in getting out of your comfort zone and growing as human being by traveling to new places and eating delicious food you’ve never tasted before.

I’m currently based in Bangalore because India is my favourite country in the world. Travel in India is kind of my thing but I’ve been al over the world. Just check these playlists to begin your journey with me: https://bit.ly/2l4sMk4


Q Where are you from?
A I am born in former Yugoslavia. Mom is Serbian, Dad is Bosnian. During the ’90’s war we came to the Netherlands and I got Dutch nationality. I’ve lived in Amsterdam for 8 years but lost my heart to India. Since 2018 I’m based in Bangalore. See this video for my refugee story: https://bit.ly/2l17T9h

Q How can you afford to travel so much?
A I saved for 3 years while working full time and now travel vlogging is my job. I work together with tourism agencies but also do some freelance work on the side. You can watch this video: https://youtu.be/vxfjQO_F1vE and this one: https://youtu.be/dB7plg139wQ to learn more about my story.

Q What camera do you film with and what editing software do you use?
A Canon G7X Mark II and Final Cut Pro X

Q (Why) Are you vegetarian?
A I’m vegetarian but not strict. I don’t eat any meat, fish, cooked/boiled or fried eggs. I gradually became a vegetarian over the course of 15 years because I disliked the taste of meat more and more. After doing a yoga teacher training in 2015 I also quit fish and the eggs. No matter my food preferences I have no issues with other people not being vegetarian. I don’t judge others and kind of expect the same favor from others concerning my own food preferences. It makes for a more friendly world πŸ™‚

Q Why do you usually travel alone?
A Because my friends have jobs with limited holidays, kids and partners. Also I really like exploring on my own.

Q Why do you love India so much?
A Watch this video: http://bit.ly/2iyUKkc and this one: https://youtu.be/Sh7E9VisTKQ


Vaibhav Jain says:

Congratulations to the paneer pirate.. happy diwali.. all the best for the upcoming time

Valerie Nainggolan says:

Gefeliciteerd β£πŸ’‹πŸ‘πŸ™Œ

Srirangasayee Devanathan says:

We just won't call u Didi but we feel u!!! All are humans and anyone will be welcomed with both of our hands and we did the same to u Di!! Btw congratulations to u for reaching such a mile stone and soon to see that as 1M 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

viswa srujith says:

Try visiting amaravati on November 17 to 19 in Andhra pradesh f1h2o championship will be held here for the first time in india.bloggers like you who opted to live in india are very rare.please I understand that it's unreasonable for me to ask you,but if you can please visit.

Rahul M says:

congratulations ivana !!!

Jay Palfrey says:

Couldn’t be prouder! Been following your journey for years and you deserve a break to enjoy your time with your dad! So happy for you! πŸ™πŸΌ

Jitendra Sharma says:

congratulations ivana

Stanzin Angmo says:

Congratulations for the 100k subscriber and so glad to know that your dad is here in India.b/w I really liked the top you are wearing today, Beautiful color and design..

rakesh s says:

Though I'm from bangalore. Few places I explored because of you. Thanks for that.
Have a good time with ur dad. πŸ‘

Prem Chand says:

So happy for you, confratulations! love you!!!!

Thaomy Tran says:

Congratzz Ivana! You totally deserve it <3333

Mila says:

Congratulations πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸ’ƒ

Sabby S says:

Such an emotional video , I think you are doing a good job and can’t wait to see your dad in your videos … i hv one request if you ever come back to Amsterdam please make videos on Amsterdam life especially coffeeshop lol πŸ˜† it will get you more likes

Sayandeep Basak says:

Actually Ivana deserve 1M subscribers but she started 5 years ago. And Jio came 2y ago in India before that watching YouTube was expensive and Ivana came at that time her best videos were at that time. When Jio came and everyone started watching YouTube at that time Ivana settled in Bangalore and the vlogs became boring. Otherwise her vlog must be at number one and not those shitty Nile brothers. I subscribed 2 years ago.

Vipra Naik says:

Congratulations Ivana😘😘

Akansha Sharma says:

😘..We will staying here and waiting for your video …Just give your dad indian type hospitality

Fee Estarenza says:

Ik ben zo trots! ❀️✨ Kijker vanaf dag 1 ✨

K K says:

make more time with your dad. these r special.. ❀️

vamsi mohan says:

I think I subscribed when u were at 20k I guess, can u comment the right answer pls if u read it.πŸ˜„ Congo btw ivana

K K says:

you know what '' u're awesome''❀️❀️

Soumen Mishra says:

now u shd travel to east n north east india….im sure u gonna love these parts of india too….
Btw congrats for your 100k subscribers… n heartiest welcome to ur dad in india…..hope he will like india too….God bless u Ivana didi….
Happy Diwali

Gyalzen Sherpa says:


Kshitiz Anand says:

Congratulations! You deserve it every bit..

Giovanna Tsang says:

Gefeliciteerd!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ ik geniet van al je video's. Enjoy the fullest with ur dadπŸ’– god bless youπŸ™πŸ˜˜

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