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10 Travel Life Hacks You NEED To Know

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Travel life hacks you’ve never heard and need to know – shelby church
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Things everyone does on snapchat they don’t want to admit!
First, everyone uses filters when they aren’t looking their best. Whether you just woke up or are having a bad hair day, snapchat filters will cover it all! Next, we’ve all looked into getting surgery to look like that snapchat dog right…? oh just me? Just kidding, I really hope no one has done that. Third, we’ve all redone a “candid looking” snapchat because we didn’t like the angle, how our hair looked, etc.

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ThisIsLiv says:

i broke my charger and was about to go out and buy a new one but then i remembered this video and told the front desk at the hotel and they had a box of chargers

Edward Cameron says:

What's the music at the start? 😀

Dreamcatcher 🐒 says:

Hi guys, I actually travel by myself on planes. If you are over the age of five, you can do this. You get extra help and everything on the flight is free. You either board first of last, and you can get bumped up to first class and business class for free without doing any of these. You have to be under the age of 18 if you want to be qualified as an unaccompanied minor. You also have to have someone picking you up at the airport where you are landing. It's so cool and I love getting bumped up!

Cara O'Reilly says:

Monica in the background though 😂😂

Mario Aguirre says:

you need 32

Gisela Karita says:

this is so helpfull

Leia Hand says:

Are shelby and Monica like related ?

L.M Entertainment Media says:

Any youtubers out there looking to support each other? 😘

Adventures 360 says:

Why people choose the number 10 for videos?

elle harris says:

don't book an overbooked flight on united airlines tho

Yousif Ahmed says:

Sitting near the front not only allows you to get off first and all that but also gives you a smoother landing from everyone else. True fact as the front of the plane is the last part of the plane to land in general.

Trenton Larkin says:

What do you do for a living? Why do you travel so much?

No Name says:

The flight with 32

MariaMusician says:

Thanks! These are real life hacks unlike those other airport "hack" videos that tell you things you already know.

_.Hx2110._ says:

ever looked at a comment and wish you wrote it?

_.Hx2110._ says:



_.Hx2110._ says:

pause at 5:08 😱howw😂😂

Nicole Ilag says:

I love how this is an actual travel hack video. Other videos tend to say all the "hacks" that are pretty much common sense like "book early for cheaper flights" like no shit I knew that already..

Iza's wonderful world says:

Ooooooommmmmmmgggggggggggg no hate but can you say ''S'' properly

Ingrid Rhind says:

Another hack is to board the plane very last so you can pick any open seat!!

Elsie Campbell says:

I love the idea where you filmed in different travel locations!

Aleeza chaudhry says:

I am going DUBAI

Electric Izzy13 says:

Watching this at the airport!

GoldenGrego says:

I went on SeatGuru and now i'm really anxious to see my seat is a 'bad' one. I chose the back window seat so there's no chance of people kicking me and I can put it back as far as I want without thinking i'm moving someones food. But it says bad because it's near the 'galley' and toilets

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